The best free PC games in 2022 | Highly Compressed Download For Windows PC

What’s great about the free downloadable old games for PC collection which is less in ram and less than 1 GB Ram? Hi guys, we have collected all the best old PC games with less than 1GB Ram which run very smoothly on your PC with amazing graphics does not lag. These games are available for free download at old games download. The old game downloads are highly compressed under 1GB Ram file size. We compressed the game setup with file sizes between 500MB to 1GB and made them under 1GB download. It helps in fast download for those with low/limited internet speed and low-end PC with low Ram.

Which Old PC Games are Included?
If you have a low-end PC and you want to play games and want the best gaming experience on your PC Old Games in this list are selected based on the following basis: All the Old games in this list either have a download file size of fewer than 1GB or they got highly compressed to make them under 1GB download. Because of the 1GB size limitation, we haven’t included the latest games but they sure are all-time favorite PC games. All the old games in this list are Single-player, Multiplayer / Co-op, and not only action First-Person shooters but all types of old games. We chose these games based on your problems like low-end pc and low Ram you want to play different games low than 1GB Ram.

Download Best Old PC Games Less Than 1GB
So here are our best old games for Windows PC under 1GB download file size. This PC old game list is not arranged in the order of rank but is normally presented in a list.

Vietcong: Fist Alpha:

Best Free Downloadable Old Games For PC in 2021/2022 Vietcong Fist Alpha Game Cover
Release date2004

Why is this old game great? This old game is very popular due to its graphics quality and action mission. Get this old game for PC for free highly compressed under 1GB here as it is an Action, Adventure game. This game is very interesting because of its First Person Shooting, missions, and full of action.

Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Ben 10 Protector of Earth front cover
PublishersD3Publisher of America, Inc.
DevelopersHigh Voltage Software, Inc.
Release date2007
GenreAction, Adventure

This old game is an action-adventure video game that is published based on the animated television cartoons Ben 10. Its levels and missions consist of solving puzzles The player has the access to the Omnitrix, which allows Ben to transform into a different form of an alien with different abilities that can be used for a fight, puzzles, etc

Tony Hawk’s Underground

tonyhawkunderground front cover
Release date2003

The gameplay description of this game is in Underground, the skateboarding gameplay from prior Tony Hawk games is carried over, allowing players to explore locations and complete tasks while performing tricks. The emphasis on customization in the game is new; instead of selecting a professional skater, the user creates a unique character. Players have the option to dismount their boards and explore the Underground on foot. The plot follows the main character and their companion Eric Sparrow as they separate and advance in their careers.

Halo Zero

Halo zero Cover
PublishersDobermann Software
DevelopersDobermann Software
Release date2005

The old game featured both campaign and multiplayer modes. In the campaign mode, there were five different difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic. All difficulties in the game must be finished in order to access Mythic.

The arrow keys on the keyboard were used for movement, and the left and right mouse buttons were utilized for shooting and throwing grenades, respectively. All other elements, such as melee, switching weapons, and jumping, could be changed by the user, but not the mouse controls.

Existing Halo multiplayer maps like Zanzibar and Blood Gulch served as the basis for the multiplayer maps.

Lego Racers 2

LEGO Racers 2 Game Cover
PublishersLego Software
DevelopersAttention to Detail, Pocket Studios (GBA)
Release date2001

Because they can race or drive as they choose and because they can interact with other characters, users have greater “freedom” than in the original Lego Racers game. Similar to the previous Lego Racer, the cars and characters in Lego Racers 2 have a creator. Fewer characters are needed to construct and alter it, but there are more bricks. In Lego Racers for the PS2, up to 11 opponents can be selected. Each lap of the race involves the racers passing a series of checkpoints in the right order. There are four other weapons that can be used in addition to an invisible barrier to harm the rivals’ cars. By collecting bubbles that, if the player doesn’t already have one, randomly assign the player an item, the player can obtain these weapons and the shield. Depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of time spent there, any racer may drive between a set of pink fences on each circuit to repair their vehicle, either partially or totally. In the event that a car is wrecked, the player must go on foot until they arrive at a repair shop and receive their vehicle back.