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Game Description

Tux Racer is a 2000 open-source winter sports racing video game starring Tux the penguin, the Linux mascot. Jasmin Patry created it as a computer graphics project at the University of Waterloo. Patry and the newly formed Sunspire Studios, comprised of several former university students, later expanded it. Tux is controlled by the player as he slides down a course of snow and ice gathering herring.

Tux Racer had been downloaded over a million times as of 2001. It was also highly received, frequently receiving praise for its graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and replayability, and was a fan favorite among Linux users and the free software community. The game’s popularity led to the creation of a commercialized version with improved visuals and multiplayer, and it was also the first GPL-licensed game to obtain an arcade adaption. Sunspire Studios’ lone product was developed and released before the company went bankrupt. The free game’s source code has resulted in forks created by fans who are continuing its development.

PublishersSunspire Studios
DevelopersSunspire Studios
Release date2000
GenreAction, Racing

Tux Racer Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Tux Racer is a racing game in which the player controls Tux as he traverses a slope. Tux has the ability to turn left, right, halt, hop, paddle, and flap his wings. Tux will do a tight turn if the user presses the brake and turn buttons simultaneously. Tux gains speed by pressing the paddling buttons on the ground. When the speedometer turns yellow, the paddling stops providing speed, causing Tux to slow down. Tux can slide off slopes or charge his jumps to temporarily launch into midair, where he can flap his flippers to fly farther and change direction to the left or right. If the penguin becomes stuck in any area of the course, the player can reset him.

Tux’s performance is affected by the varied terrain types found on courses. Sliding on ice allows for faster acceleration at the expense of traction, whilst snow allows for greater agility. However, rugged terrain, as well as colliding with trees, slows him down. The player earns points by collecting herrings spread throughout the courses; the faster the player completes the course, the better the score. Players can choose cups in which they progress by completing a number of courses in order by satisfying up to three requirements: collecting enough herring, finishing the course in under a certain time, and scoring enough points. Failure to meet all of the criteria or abandoning the race results in the loss of life, and if the player loses all four lives, they must rejoin the cup and begin again. The user can select daytime settings and weather factors such as wind and fog that affect gameplay during level selection. Maps are made up of three different stored raster layers that determine the elevation, terrain layout, and object placement on the map.

Commercial version

Tux Racer’s commercial edition includes new content. Aside from Tux, players can race as one of three additional characters: Samuel the seal, Boris the polar bear, or Neva the penguin. Jump and speed pads are available as power-ups on some courses, and players can execute acrobatics in midair to get points. They can compete in cups in one of two game modes: the conventional “Solo Challenge” or the new “Race versus Opponents,” which adds a computer opponent who must be vanquished in order for the player to proceed. For completing unfinished cups, courses are unlocked. In non-campaign sessions, players can race in the two-player “Head to Head” local multiplayer mode, which is viewable on a split-screen.

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