Starfield Extreme Weather Bug:Resolving Status Effect Glitches

Discover effective solutions to tackle the persistent Starfield Extreme Weather Bug that’s causing frustration among players. Learn how to remove the hazardous status effect and get back to smooth gameplay with our comprehensive guide.

What is the Starfield Extreme Weather Bug?

Unraveling the mystery behind the Starfield Extreme Weather Bug and understanding its impact on players. Delve into the details of this persistent issue that keeps the hazardous status effect active, even across planet changes and extended waits.

How to Fix Starfield Extreme Weather Bug

Explore a variety of solutions to address and eliminate the annoying incoming weather bug in Starfield. Follow these steps to regain control and enjoy a glitch-free gaming experience.

1. Head to Extreme Weather System and Run Back to Ship

Navigate to a planet with a hazardous system, whether it’s the same planet where the issue first occurred or not. Stand in the storm, then swiftly run back to your ship. Enter the ship without using fast travel to potentially remove the incoming weather effect.

2. Wait for Hazardous Weather System to Clear

Exercise patience by staying inside a hazardous system until the storm subsides. Whether you choose to sleep in an outpost bed, a chair, or even a cave, waiting out the storm may lead to the disappearance of the incoming weather effect.

3. Use Console Commands

For PC players, leverage the console command feature by pressing the “~” key. Type in “player.removespell 1639f9″ to eliminate the effect. Keep in mind that this action disables Achievements, but they can be reenabled using a mod. To remove other conditions, type “help “(condition)” 4″ and find the spell ID in the “OTHER FORMS” section.

Starfield Extreme Weather Bug

Starfield Extreme Weather Bug FAQ

Q: What is the Starfield Extreme Weather Bug and how does it affect players?

A: The bug is a persistent issue where the hazardous status effect remains active on players. Changing planets or waiting for extended periods doesn’t always resolve the problem, making it a frustrating experience for players.

Q: How can players try to resolve the incoming weather glitch without restarting the game?

A: Players can head to a hazardous weather system, experience the storm, and quickly return to their ship without using fast travel. Alternatively, waiting out the storm in safe spots like outposts or caves may remove the effect. PC players can use console commands, but this may disable Achievements.

Q: Are there repercussions for using console commands to rectify the bug?

A: Yes, using console commands deactivates Achievements, but they can be reactivated with a mod. Additional commands can pinpoint and eliminate specific effects for a tailored solution.

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