Starfield When Does Come Out on Game Pass?

Starfield When Does Come Out on Game Pass?

When Does Starfield Come Out? Release Times and Early Access Details

when does starfeild come put, the highly anticipated game from Bethesda, is poised to launch on Game Pass for Xbox and PC users imminently. For those eager to dive into the cosmic adventure without delay, the Premium Edition upgrade offers instant access. However, if you’re holding out for the end of the Early Access period, the wait is almost over, with the game set to release in less than 48 hours.

Early Access Countdown: Preparing for Launch

Starfield When Does Come Out on Game Pass?

If you’ve pre-loaded the game on Game Pass, you’re in for a treat as you’ll gain immediate access upon launch. To help you plan, here are the release times for Starfield across major time zones:

  • 5th September:
    • 8 PM EDT
    • 7 PM CDT
    • 5 PM PDT
  • September 6, 2023:
    • 1 AM BST
    • 2 AM CEST
    • 5:30 AM IST
    • 9 AM JST
    • 10 AM AEST

A convenient countdown timer is also available below, ensuring you know precisely when Starfield becomes available in your time zone.

Exploring the 24th Century: What to Expect from Starfield

when does starfeild come put, players will find themselves in the 24th century, navigating a universe where humanity has established colonies across multiple star systems. Embracing the role of a space explorer, players can shape their character and determine their destiny, embarking on a journey filled with exploration, missions, and the construction of their own starship.

Exploring the 24th Century: What to Expect from Starfield

Bethesda’s Bold Venture: Creation Engine 2 and Beyond

Notably, Starfield marks Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in over 25 years. The game is crafted on the cutting-edge Creation Engine 2, promising a more detailed and immersive gaming experience. With an expansive universe awaiting exploration, players will encounter numerous planets, though only a fraction will harbor life.

Critical Acclaim: Early Reviews and Player Feedback

For Premium Edition owners, the game is already accessible and has garnered positive reviews, with several outlets awarding impressive scores of 9/10 and 10/10. While there have been some concerns about PC performance, the overall feedback on the core gameplay is overwhelmingly positive. As the universe of Starfield beckons, players can anticipate an epic adventure with boundless possibilities.

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