How To Fix Starfield Into the Unknown Bug: All Possible Fixes

Embarking on the “Into the Unknown” quest in Starfield introduces players to the vast mysteries of the universe. However, a persistent bug is hindering many players from completing the mission, leaving them stranded without a clear resolution. The quest involves traveling to a specific planet to investigate a mysterious signal, but players find themselves unable to locate the source despite thorough exploration.

The Frustrating Reality of the Bug

Encountering the “Into the Unknown” bug can be a source of immense frustration in the RPG title, exacerbated by the absence of permanent fixes. In this guide, we will explore temporary workarounds that players can employ to address the bug and continue their cosmic adventures.

Temporary Workarounds for the “Into the Unknown” Bug

  1. Make Time Lapse: Attempt to fix the error by skipping time or creating a time-lapse in Starfield. This bug may be linked to reaching the signal location, making a time skip of 24 to 48 hours a potential solution that has proven effective for some players.
  2. Use a Console Command: While not recommended for completionists seeking a 100% run due to its cheat nature, using a console command is a potent fix for the bug. Press “~” to open the command prompt and type “setstage 000160A9 600” to skip the mission. Be aware that this bypasses content and achievements.
  3. Load from Your Most Recent Save: Reloading from the most recent save is a viable option. Some community members report success by reloading previously saved data a few times to overcome the bug.
  4. Restart the Game: Though seemingly straightforward, restarting Starfield has proven effective for some players facing the quest bug. If other methods fail, consider restarting the game multiple times to check for a resolution.
  5. Fast Travel to Another Planet and Back: If the target planet (Procyon III) poses challenges in locating the signal, try fast traveling to another planet and returning to Procyon III. This basic fix has shown promise in resolving the bug.
  6. Wait for a Patch: Given Starfield’s known performance issues, including frame and audio problems, it’s advisable to wait for Bethesda’s hotfix. Keep the game updated to the latest version to ensure that any patches addressing these bugs are applied promptly.

Conclusion: Navigating the Cosmos with Persistence

While the “Into the Unknown” bug may present challenges, these temporary fixes offer a glimmer of hope for players eager to continue their interstellar journey. Whether manipulating time or resorting to console commands, the cosmic mysteries of Starfield await those determined enough to navigate through the challenges posed by the bug. Stay updated, experiment with these workarounds, and may your quest through the unknown be free of hindrances.

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