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WWF Raw, released in 2002 for the Xbox console, is a professional wrestling video game developed by Anchor Inc. and published by THQ. The game is based on the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promotion and features a roster of wrestlers from the Raw brand division, which at the time included wrestlers such as Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many others.

In terms of gameplay, WWF Raw for Xbox is a fairly standard wrestling game, with players able to perform a variety of moves and combos using the game’s controls. The game includes a number of different modes, including a single-player “Season” mode where players can guide a wrestler through a series of matches in an effort to become champion, as well as a variety of multiplayer modes for players to compete against each other.

One of the key features of WWF Raw is the game’s roster of wrestlers, which includes a large number of well-known wrestlers from the WWE. Players can choose to play as their favorite wrestlers, each of whom has their own unique moves and abilities. The game also includes a number of different arenas in which wrestlers can compete, ranging from classic WWE arenas like Madison Square Garden to more exotic locations like a steel cage or a boiler room.

In terms of graphics and presentation, WWF Raw for Xbox is fairly dated by today’s standards, but at the time of its release, it was considered to be a fairly solid wrestling game. The game’s visuals are fairly basic, with character models that are somewhat blocky and not particularly detailed. However, the game does feature a number of different camera angles and special effects that help to add some excitement to matches.

Overall, WWF Raw for Xbox is a fairly standard wrestling game that is likely to appeal to fans of WWE and professional wrestling in general. The game’s roster of wrestlers and variety of modes make it a decent choice for players looking for some simple wrestling action, although the game’s graphics and presentation may not hold up as well in the modern era.

ALT NAMES世界职业摔跤, WWE Raw
RELEASED INFrance, Germany, United States
THEMELicensed Title, Wrestling

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