Toy Commander

Game Description

Toy Commander is an action game for the Dreamcast developed by No Cliché and published by Sega.

A Microsoft Windows version was planned for release in 2001, but despite being almost completed, it was ultimately canceled, due to No Cliché shutting down the following year.

PublishersSEGA of America, Inc.
DevelopersNo Cliché
Release date1999

Toy Commander Gameplay

In the sky commanders’ toys, the player controls toys to fulfill missions (usually in the form of vehicles). These tasks take done in homerooms. The commander Cody hot toys are renowned for its original chores that are based on various rooms in a house. For instance, the first mission, which takes place in the kitchen, is an introductory training level that involves switching between various sorts of vehicles, such as a helicopter, pick-up truck, and plane. The second stage requires rolling eggs over to a kettle of boiling water using a toy car.

Race cars, which were primarily used in racing missions (although some missions required the player to navigate mazes in race cars), armed ground vehicles like tanks or trucks with rocket launchers, airplanes, helicopters, and transport vehicles are the five main types of playable vehicles in the hot toys commander cody (which are always unarmed but would typically be used to transport various smaller toys). Outside of one-player, which includes the unarmed and cargo vehicles, not all vehicles are usable.

A battle mode, with other modes, is also available in the commande fidget toys for multiple players, allowing up to four players, with no online play.

Download Toy Commander

We might have the commander Cody hot toys available for more than one platform. Toy Commander is currently available on these platforms:

Dreamcast (1999)

Toy Commander Screenshot

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