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Time Crisis 3 is the third installment in the Time Crisis series and was released for the arcade in 2002 (JP) and 2003 (NA). It, like its predecessor, Time Crisis II, allows two players to collaborate in a link play environment, includes the Time Crisis distinctive pedal system for concealing and advancing, and is the first in the series to allow players to change or select weaponry. Later, it was adapted to the PlayStation 2.

PublishersNamco, Sony Computer Entertainment
DevelopersNextech Corporation
Release date2002
GenreAction, Shooter

Time Crisis 3 Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Time Crisis 3 introduces a new weapon system that allows the player to swap between a conventional 9-round handgun, a fully automatic machine gun with a capacity of 200 rounds, a shotgun with 50 shells, and a 5-round grenade launcher with severe splash damage. Only the handgun has an infinite supply of ammunition, however, players can shoot yellow-clad soldiers to obtain ammunition for their other weapons. This functionality was later modified and used in the Crisis Zone port.

The game also improves the crisis flash system, making life-threatening shots brighter and making it easier to release pedal advice.

Later, this title was released for the PlayStation 2, along with a side story starring Alicia Winston as a player, who is merely an unplayable supporter in the arcade version of the game. The gameplay for Alicia is mostly the same as the regular campaign, with the exception of a few portions where the player must use a Sniper Rifle to deal with hostile snipers. In contrast to Time Crisis and Time Crisis II, the home console port includes plot aspects, features, and weapons not seen in the arcade version. As with the PlayStation 2 version of Time Crisis II, players can reach the Crisis Mission workout menu by playing for an extended period of time.

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PlayStation 2 (2002)

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PlayStation 2

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