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SimPark is a 1996 video game by Maxis. The goal of the game is to grow and maintain a successful park. It, like SimTown, is aimed toward children rather than the ordinary player. SimPark is an attempt to demonstrate the significance of ecological balance. It’s possible to think of it as a “lite” version of SimIsle.

PublishersMaxis Kids
Release date1996

Gameplay SimPark Download For Windows PC

Players must rapidly discover how doing (or not doing) different things affect how their park evolves. For example, if specific types of flowers are not planted, the park will not attract bees. Pollination will not occur if the bees are not flying throughout the park, which is a vital element of maintaining the park expansion. Aside from carefully maintaining the plant and animal populations, players must also identify the park’s vegetation and animals.

Players frequently get in-game correspondence, such as their boss instructing them to diversify the park or their virtual mother alerting them about life back home (e.g.: “I baked you a cake…” etc.) Rizzo, the Boss’s pet frog, can occasionally appear on the screen to give the player advice or gripe about how they are managing things.

The park can experience disasters, including:

  • Garbage Dump: The Garbage Dump is simply a large pile of trash. Rats begin to emerge from it and populate your park as soon as it is built. The only ways to get rid of the waste dump are to cover it with water or to surround it with garbage-eating creatures such as rats and black bears.
  • Fire
  • Kudzu: Kudzu plants begin to overgrow the park.
  • The Alien Invasion is comprised of flat, pink-and-blue critters that litter the park grounds and occasionally float on the lake. The pattern the Aliens form may be in the shape of letters if the map is clicked to receive a zoomed-out map view. One example is a telegram that reads, “Surrender, Dorothy.” This is a spoof of the film The Wizard of Oz. Aside from utilizing cheat codes, the only option to get rid of aliens is to bulldoze them with the “Bulldozer” tool.

You can use the microphone tool to click on parkgoers and listen to what they have to say. Among the more noteworthy lines are: “”Eddie! My socks don’t match,” “I didn’t clean my teeth this morning,” Eddie, Eddie! Where have you gone?” and “Wind in the Willows is my favorite novel.”

In the game, a year takes around four minutes of real time to pass. The changing color of the leaves in the game depicts the seasons.

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