Where to Buy Lithium Starfield?

Lithium, a pivotal tier 2 resource within the Starfield universe, holds significant importance in the creation of recipes vital for enhancing gear and constructing bases. This comprehensive guide delves into diverse approaches for acquiring Lithium, placing emphasis on avenues for purchasing the resource in Starfield, catering to both immediate and enduring needs.

Methods of Obtaining Lithium

1. Random Drops

While Lithium drops can occasionally be found on corpses or in storage units, relying on random drops is an unreliable method to gather this rare resource.

where to buy lithium starfield

2. Planetary Exploration

A more reliable way to acquire Lithium is by exploring planets or moons that have Lithium on their surface. Use the galaxy map to scan different locations and identify resources. If Lithium is listed in the resource tab, you’ve found a suitable location. Early in your playthrough, consider visiting the following locations:

  • Porrima II (Porrima System)
  • Porrima III (Porrima System)
  • Porrima V-a (Porrima System)
  • Porrima VI (Porrima System)
  • Tau Ceti III (Tau Ceti System)
  • Tau Ceti VIII-c (Tau Ceti System)

Utilize your hand scanner to locate Lithium deposits on the surface and mine them using your Cutter.

3. Outpost Construction

For a steady supply of Lithium, consider establishing an outpost near a Lithium vein. Place an extractor on top to passively generate this resource over time. Regularly check in to maintain a consistent supply. Constructing storage units will enhance the yield, making your trips more worthwhile.

3. Outpost Construction

Purchasing Lithium

1. Vendors

If you need Lithium for a short-term solution, several vendors offer this resource. Reach out to the following vendors early in your playthrough:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • UC Distribution Center (New Atlantis Commercial District)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)

Keep in mind that some vendors may not have Lithium until you reach a certain level. Explore different shops to find the most forgiving ones that suit your needs.


Whether you choose to explore planets, establish outposts, or purchase from vendors, knowing where to buy Lithium in Starfield is essential for optimizing your gameplay. Use your resources wisely and stay ahead in your interstellar journey.

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