Starfield Operation Starseed Bug Fix

Encountering the Starfield Operation Starseed bug can be frustrating, hindering your progress in this expansive space RPG. In this guide, we’ll explore effective solutions to overcome the bug and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Understanding the Starfield Operation Starseed Bug

Starfield, an action RPG set in space with over 1,000 planets, introduces challenges like the Operation Starseed bug. This particular bug turns NPCs hostile in a specific area, complicating your quest. To address this issue, follow the solutions below.

1. Reloading from Checkpoint

Some players have found success by reloading from the most recent checkpoint. However, results may vary, and multiple attempts might be necessary. Experiment by altering your approach, such as keeping your weapon holstered when entering the affected area.

2. Passing Time on Your Ship

Returning to your ship and waiting for about an hour can reportedly reset the Operation Starseed bug. This method allows the quest to return to normal, enabling you to proceed without encountering the hostile NPCs.

3. Eliminating All NPCs

The most consistent workaround involves eliminating all NPCs affected by the bug. While engaging all NPCs at once may be challenging, using console commands efficiently resolves the issue. Typing “kah” into the console should remove all affected NPCs. Keep in mind that using console commands may disqualify you from unlocking further achievements.

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While this guide addresses the Starfield Operation Starseed bug, it’s essential to be aware of other potential issues in the game. Explore solutions for audio issues and the flashlight bug in Starfield to enhance your overall gaming experience.

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