Starfield Not Launching Startup on PC/Xbox/Steam? Fix

If you’re encountering issues with Starfield not launching on your PC or Xbox after the Steam download, you’re not alone. Many players have reported difficulties with the game failing to start or crashing on launch. This guide addresses common problems and provides solutions to get Starfield up and running smoothly.

Why is Starfield Not Launching?

There could be several reasons why Starfield won’t launch on your system, leading to frustration for many players. The game failing to open or crashing on launch may be attributed to various PC configuration and software issues.

1. Insufficient System Requirements

One common factor is if your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, especially for the GPU. Starfield demands robust specs, and below-par hardware might cause the game to fail at startup. Outdated or corrupt drivers can also contribute to issues, emphasizing the importance of keeping all software, especially graphics drivers, up to date.

Starfield not launching won t startup on pc xbox steam download

How to Fix Starfield Won’t Launch Issue

If you’re facing Starfield not launching or crashing issues, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Make sure your NVIDIA or AMD graphics drivers are current. When updating NVIDIA drivers, opt for the clean install feature, and for AMD drivers, choose the Auto-Detect Option. If issues persist, consider using the Display Driver Uninstaller before reinstalling the latest drivers.

2. Check for Windows Updates

Regularly update your Windows operating system to receive the latest fixes, patches, and improvements. This helps prevent potential problems and ensures your computer’s security.

3. Update Hardware Drivers

Keep your hardware drivers, such as graphics cards and sound cards, updated through the Device Manager. Outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues.

4. Allow Starfield through the Firewall

Remove any firewall blocks that might be interfering with Starfield by allowing the game through the Windows Defender Firewall.

5. Update Visual C++ Redistributables

Ensure you have the necessary DLL files by installing the latest Visual C++ redistributables from Microsoft or using a toolkit like DirectX Repair.

6. Verify Starfield Game Files

Use Steam or the Xbox app to scan and verify your Starfield game files, checking for missing or damaged files and re-downloading them if necessary.

7. Restart Xbox App

If playing on PC Game Pass, restarting the Xbox App may help ensure that Starfield downloads all assets completely after relaunching.

8. Use System File Checker

Run the System File Checker to scan and replace corrupted or missing Windows system files that might be causing issues.

9. Perform Selective Startup

Identify background apps causing interference by performing a selective startup, disabling non-essential apps and services.

10. Enable GPU Scheduling

Improve game performance by enabling GPU scheduling through the Graphics settings.

11. Set Power Plan to High Performance

Maximize CPU and GPU usage for gaming by setting the power plan to High Performance in Power & Sleep settings.

12. Reinstall Starfield

If all else fails, try reinstalling Starfield by backing up saves, uninstalling the game, and downloading a fresh copy from Steam, Xbox app, or discs.

Conclusion – August 31, 2023

After diligently following these troubleshooting steps, you should hopefully resolve the Starfield not launching issue on your PC. By taking the time to address each potential problem, you can prevent the game from crashing on startup and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

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