Best Ships in Starfield Including Locations and Stats

Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG, Starfield, takes players on a thrilling journey through the cosmos. While the starting ship may lack inspiration, fear not! There’s a diverse array of starships awaiting you in the vastness of space, catering to different playstyles and preferences. In this guide, we’ll explore the top Starfield ships, covering acquisition methods, costs, and key features. Whether you’re into combat, trading, or exploration, there’s a ship for you.

starfield ships ranked

1. Razorleaf – Class A

  • Cost: Free via quest
  • Location: Denebola I-b
  • The Razorleaf, obtained through the “The Mantis” quest, offers early-game power. With decent weapons and a unique trait to scare off enemy ships, it’s a solid choice for those starting their spacefaring journey.

2. Star Eagle – Class A

  • Cost: Free via quest
  • Location: Akila City
  • Completing the Freestar Rangers faction questline grants you the Star Eagle. Its EM weapon, substantial cargo hold, and crew capacity of five make it an excellent choice, though its grav jump range may require upgrades.
2. Star Eagle - Class A

3. Stronghold – Class C

  • Cost: 380,000
  • Location: Akila City Ship Tech
  • If you crave a long-distance tank, the Stronghold delivers with a 30 LY grav jump distance and impressive shields. While not nimble, its six crew slots and 2,300 cargo capacity make it a formidable choice.

4. Shieldbreaker – Class B

  • Cost: 240,000
  • Location: New Atlantis Ship Tech
  • Despite New Atlantis’ limited selection, the Shieldbreaker stands out with balanced stats. With 610 shields, 25 LY range, and reasonable pricing, it’s an affordable and versatile option.
4. Shieldbreaker - Class B

5. Vanquisher – Class C

  • Cost: 440,000
  • Location: Stroud-Eklund Showroom on Neon
  • Punching above its weight, the Vanquisher boasts high stats across the board. With impressive weapons, shield, and cargo capacity, it’s a top-tier Class C ship, albeit at a higher cost.

6. Narwhal – Class C

  • Cost: 430,000
  • Location: Taiyo Astroneering in Ryuji Tower on Neon
  • The Narwhal, with its hefty price tag, offers outstanding ballistic and missile systems. Though it excels in combat, its cargo capacity of 1,760 may be a drawback for traders.
6. Narwhal - Class C

7. Abyss Trecker – Class C

  • Cost: 350,000
  • Location: Paradiso Ship Tech
  • For space combat enthusiasts, the Abyss Trecker’s agility and impressive weapon systems make it a compelling choice. However, its limited cargo capacity of 340 may not suit traders.

8. Silent Runner – Class C

  • Cost: 370,000
  • Location: Hopetech HQ
  • The Silent Runner, akin to a space semi-truck, shines in cargo capacity with 6060. While it excels in hauling, consider upgrading its fuel capacity for longer journeys.
8. Silent Runner - Class C

9. Crimson Fleet Wraith – Class C

  • Cost: 240,000
  • Location: The Key Ship Tech
  • Join the infamous Crimson Fleet to unlock the Wraith, a combat-focused ship with impressive stats at a more affordable price. Cargo capacity is a bit lacking, but its combat prowess compensates.

10. Starborn Guardian – Class A

  • Cost: Free
  • Location: New Game+
  • The Starborn Guardian, a reward for completing the game and starting New Game+, offers a solid, free ship with excellent weapons and shields. While lacking customization options, its speed makes it ideal for quick dogfight victories.

Note: The final entry contains endgame spoilers, proceed with caution.

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