Where to Find Polytextile in Starfield?

Polytextile Overview

Rarity: Uncommon

Resource Type: Manufactured

Item Code: 00246B72

Discover the significance of Starfield Polytextile, an invaluable resource integral to diverse crafting recipes. Explore its rarity, locations, and optimal utilization in your interstellar adventures.

Finding Polytextile in Starfield Locations

Unearth the elusive Polytextile in various locations and planets scattered across the Starfield universe. Delve into the intricacies of this uncommon resource and learn the secrets of its acquisition.

polytextile staefeild in location

Efficient Resource Gathering

Optimize your resource collection by procuring Polytextile in bulk from reputable Starfield resource vendors like Midtown Minerals or the Mining League. Enhance your inventory swiftly through strategic acquisitions.

Crafting Polytextile: A Cost-Effective Approach

Industrial Workstation and Fabricator Building

Navigate the cost challenges of purchasing Polytextile from NPCs by mastering the art of crafting. Leverage your Industrial Workstation or utilize the Fabricator building at your outposts to produce Polytextile economically.

Crafting Recipe:

  • Cosmetic: 1
  • Fiber: 2

No Starfield Skills Required

Initiate the crafting process effortlessly, as no specific Starfield skills are necessary to create Polytextile. Empower your crafting endeavors with simplicity.

Polytextile Console Command

 polytextile resources staefeild

Instant Inventory Addition

Seize control with the Polytextile console command. Easily integrate Polytextile into your inventory by accessing the Starfield console window and entering:

plaintextCopy codeplayer.additem 00246B72

For multiple Polytextile, specify the desired quantity (e.g., 3) after the item_id:

plaintextCopy codeplayer.additem 00246B72 3

Embark on your Starfield journey equipped with the knowledge of Polytextile’s locations, crafting prowess, and efficient usage. Unleash the full potential of this invaluable resource in the expansive cosmic landscape.

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