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Game Description

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, also known as Onimusha 3 (3, Onimusha Sur) in Japan and Europe, is a hack-and-slash action-adventure game created and published by Capcom. It is the third installment in the Onimusha series, and it was published on April 27, 2004, for the PlayStation 2. On December 8, 2005, it was ported to Windows. The plot revolves around swordsman Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, who is on a mission to battle his rival, Nobunaga Oda, who wants to rule Japan with his army of devils known as Genma. However, Samanosuke is replaced by Jacques Blanc, a French commander from the future, and the two must adapt to their new surroundings in order to defeat Genma’s army and end Oda Nobunaga’s objectives.

The game retains elements from earlier games in the genre, such as the ability to combat adversaries with several special weapons and absorb their energy to improve weaponry. This time, the player alternates between controlling Samanosuke and Jacques in various scenarios. In order to solve riddles, the two can exchange goods. The creation of this game began after the PlayStation 2 was released, allowing the team to work on a 3D engine to create 3D backgrounds. To appeal to the Western market, the team decided to stage the game in Paris and cast French actor Jean Reno as Jacques.

Onimusha 3 has gotten generally positive reviews from video game media. The majority of the writers praised the improved controls and usage of a 3D engine, which allowed for better combat and aesthetics. With over 1.5 million copies sold as of May 2008, the game was a success.

PublishersCapcom, Sourcenext, Ubisoft
DevelopersCapcom, Sourcenext
Release date2004
GenreAction, Adventure

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