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Game Description

NHL 2004, which was created by EA Black Box Studios, is the sequel to NHL 2003 and is widely regarded as a watershed moment in the franchise. Three European Elite Leagues are included in the game: the Deutsche Eishockey Liga in Germany, the Elitserien in Sweden, and the SM-Liiga in Finland. (This isn’t the first time EA has included European teams in a game; EA released Elitserien 95 and Elitserien 96 for the Mega Drive in Sweden alone, and Elitserien and SM-liiga 2001 as an expansion pack for PC in Sweden and Finland, both of which featured those teams.) The Elitserien and SM-liiga teams were rated similarly to the NHL rosters in the first installments, but the league teams were ranked lower.

PublishersEA Sports
DevelopersEA Black Box
Release date2003

NHL 2004 Download For Windows PC Gameplay


The game’s gameplay (more realistic puck and rebound control, and better checking) and game styles were greatly improved (a completely reworked franchise mode renamed “Dynasty”). In addition to the gameplay enhancements, one non-gameplay enhancement has been introduced. When a team wins the Stanley Cup Finals, there is a huge party. Players skated around the rink with the Cup slung over their shoulders. This resulted in the NHL’s standard portrait of the team and its coaches. The animation presents the stats of the players in the picture, concluding with the captain, while a “secret” song (Shatterday by Vendetta Red) plays. It was hailed as one of the best games in the series to date as a result of these innovations. Many gamers believe that the Dynasty Mode has problems, such as the difficulty of accepting trades and the fact that the user can only manage the squad for a maximum of 20 seasons. The commentary was also monotonous, and the game’s pace was always slow.

Another new element in NHL 2004 was the ability to choose when to fight, which was previously a rather random event. When the names of two players flashed across the bottom of the screen, along with the message “Fight!” and the sound of a bell, the person playing the game could press a button to start a fight or postpone it until later. Furthermore, goaltenders were able to fight; however, goalie fights appear to be completely random, as the names of other players are displayed at the bottom of the screen; however, a goalie fight can be triggered by starting the fight while the goalie is in control of the puck; also, goalies are not thrown out of a game for fighting; in real life, goaltenders who fight are given both a major for fighting and a minor for leaving the crease, However, there was a bug in the game. On breakaway plays, the deke analog stick can be used to score an automatic goal. Hundreds of thousands of copies had been delivered around the world by the time EA Sports learned of the problem. The Construct a team function allowed the user to create a new NHL team and play it in the game, with NHL jerseys as the team’s uniform.

PC Modding Community

In addition, a “My NHL” option was included, allowing players to create entirely new NHL clubs and players from the ground up, significantly increasing the replay value. All-new graphics were included in NHL 2004 despite the fact that they were not always evident. The “template” for generating new jerseys, masks, gloves, pants, players’ faces, and virtually everything else you may alter in the PC version of the game has been updated.

A site named Flyermania.net is another amazing NHL 2004 add-on site. NHL 2004 is the only EA hockey game from the 2000s that still receives regular member-based graphics and interface add-ons (as of 2011) and has a thriving online community as well as hamachi gaming networks. The interface, which has been totally redone by members, is one of the most fascinating features of NHL 2004 (PC). Major enhancements include many increased statistics, GameCast, team reports, full box scores, in-game clock selectors, and more. All of this is possible because NHL 2004’s interface was entirely designed in Javascript and HTML, making it extremely flexible. The AI in NHL 2004 (PC version) is considered unique by many veteran EA hockey players, which is one of the reasons for the game’s long, passionate, and devoted “cult” following. This has resulted in the creation of various new modes, including a 1996-97 season reconstruction, an AHL modification, and a vintage mod, as well as seasonal adjustments to rosters, gameplay, faces, and game clocks (like ESPN, NBC, Versus and etc.)

Online Leagues using NHL 2004

The NEHL is the only PC league that still hosts games using NHL 2004. For the past 12 years, the NEHL has hosted various editions of the EA NHL game. After plans for NHL10 for the PC were canceled, they chose to go with the Flyermania hacked NHL2004.

Download NHL 2004 Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. NHL 2004 is currently available on these platforms:

How to play on Windows

  1. Mount disc 1 and disc 2
  2. Run setup and install the game – when asked for a serial key, use the one provided in the .txt file
  3. Run patch v1.04
  4. Copy-paste nhl2004.exe from the “NoCD” folder to the game installation directory
  5. Enjoy!


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