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The platform game Duke Nukem Games: Manhattan Project was developed by Sunstorm Interactive, released by Arush Entertainment, and manufactured by 3D Realms. It was made available for Microsoft Windows on May 14, 2002 in North America and June 14, 2002 in Europe. The game was first launched on the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade on June 23, 2010, and then on January 9, 2014, 3D Realms released an iOS port.

PublishersArush Entertainment, Ubi Soft, Apogee Software
DevelopersSunstorm Interactive, 3D Realms
Release date2002

Duke Nukem Games : Manhattan Project Gameplay

Unleash Your Inner Hero with Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project will take you on an exciting journey into the heart of action-packed gameplay. This game immerses players in a world where every action matters and every moment is thrilling thanks to its cutting-edge Prism3D 3D technology.

Dive into Dynamic Gameplay Dynamics

Put yourself in the shoes of the illustrious Duke and explore Manhattan’s busy streets. You’ll have unmatched mobility with the Prism3D engine at your disposal, enabling you to explore the cityscape in breathtaking detail. Every move feels fluid and responsive, whether you’re running through the streets, vaulting over barriers, or doing precise slide kicks.

Conquer Eight Thrilling Chapters

Take on an incredible journey via eight thrilling chapters that are sure to make your heart race and your pulse race. Every volume adds a unique twist to the beloved Duke Nukem formula, whether it’s fighting legions of extraterrestrial invaders or saving captives from the grip of evil. Can you defeat them all and bring about victory?

Craft Your Own Adventures with PrismEd

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project comes with a robust level editor called PrismEd. Use it to unleash your creativity. You may create your own unique levels with PrismEd, complete with tricky obstacles, crafty opponents, and perplexing puzzles. Your imagination is the only restriction, so explore your creative potential!

Discover Nostalgic Homages to Duke Nukem’s Legacy

Look for wistful homages to Duke Nukem’s legendary past as you traverse Manhattan. Manhattan Project pays homage to its famous beginnings in many ways, from side-scrolling action sequences to well-known characters like “Mech Morphix.” Fans won’t want to miss this throwback event!

Experience the Evolution of Duke’s Adversaries

Get ready to take on some of Duke’s most dangerous opponents, such as the mysterious Doctor Proton. You’ll see how Duke’s enemies change over the narrative as well as learn the truth about Manhattan’s seediest alleys. Will you be able to outsmart your adversaries and win, or will their evil plans succeed in taking you down?

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  3. Follow the step(s) to install:– Run or Double click Duke Nukem Games : Manhattan Project Download For Windows PC! setup_. exe
  4. That’s it, play and enjoy!
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Exploring the Future of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project’s future is much anticipated by fans, and the legendary series is well-positioned to carry on its tradition of thrilling gameplay and engrossing narrative. Manhattan Project has a bright future ahead of it, with improvements in gaming technology and changing player expectations benefiting both diehard fans and newbies.

Harnessing Cutting-Edge Technology

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project has endless potential to push boundaries and provide even more breathtaking visuals and intense gameplay experiences as gaming technology develops. Players can anticipate Manhattan Project to use cutting-edge graphics, improved physics, and seamless multiplayer interaction to deliver an incredibly memorable gaming experience thanks to the strength of next-generation consoles and PC hardware.

Expanding the Universe

Beyond its current boundaries, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project’s future promises to expand the game’s universe. Whether in the form of full-fledged sequels, expansion packs, or downloadable content (DLC), players can anticipate discovering new places to explore, adversaries to face, and mysteries to solve as Duke Nukem’s adventures continue.

Embracing Player Creativity

The integration of the PrismEd level editor is one of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project’s key features. This creative tool might be improved in the future to enable players to easily share their original levels with the larger community in addition to creating their own. Manhattan Project may see a vibrant user-generated content ecosystem in the future with improved online capabilities and social integration, guaranteeing limitless replayability and community participation.

Staying True to Its Roots

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project may see innovation and growth in the future, but one thing is for sure: the game will never stray from its core principles. Manhattan Project will always encapsulate the essence of the Duke Nukem series, offering the same exhilarating experiences and unforgettable moments that fans have grown to adore, from its irreverent comedy to its extravagant action.


The possibilities of Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project seem limitless as it looks to the future. Manhattan Project is positioned to captivate viewers for many years to come thanks to its innovative technology, expanding universes, and dedication to adhering to its original principles. Therefore, fasten your seatbelts, seize your guns, and get ready for the next thrilling chapter of Duke Nukem’s journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

1. What is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project?

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is a video game in the Duke Nukem series, known for its action-packed gameplay and irreverent humor. It is a side-scrolling platformer developed using the Prism3D engine, featuring Duke Nukem as the protagonist on a mission to save New York City from various threats.

2. Which platforms is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project available on?

Originally released for Microsoft Windows in 2002, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project has since been made available on various platforms, including Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, and Android.

3. What is the gameplay like in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project?

In Manhattan Project, players control Duke Nukem as he navigates through levels, battling enemies, solving puzzles, and collecting power-ups. The game combines classic side-scrolling platforming with modern 3D graphics and mechanics.

4. How many levels are there in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project?

The game consists of eight chapters, each with multiple levels. In total, there are over 24 levels to explore, each offering unique challenges and objectives.

5. Can players create their own levels in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project?

Yes, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project includes a level editor called PrismEd, allowing players to design their own custom levels and share them with others. While the level editing community is relatively small, creative players have the opportunity to craft their own Duke Nukem adventures.

6. Is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project connected to other Duke Nukem games?

While Manhattan Project is not a direct continuation of any previous Duke Nukem title, it maintains similarities and references to the broader Duke Nukem universe. Players may encounter familiar characters and themes throughout the game.

7. Can I play Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project on modern systems?

Yes, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project is compatible with modern systems, with versions available for purchase on digital distribution platforms such as Steam and GOG.com. Additionally, the game has been optimized for compatibility with newer operating systems.

8. Is multiplayer available in Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project?

While Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project primarily focuses on single-player gameplay, some versions of the game, such as the Xbox Live Arcade release, may include multiplayer features. However, the core experience revolves around Duke’s solo adventures in Manhattan.

9. What sets Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project apart from other Duke Nukem games?

Manhattan Project distinguishes itself with its blend of classic side-scrolling platforming and modern 3D graphics, offering a unique gameplay experience within the Duke Nukem franchise. Additionally, its humor, level design, and memorable characters contribute to its enduring appeal.

10. Is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project still worth playing today?

Absolutely! Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project remains a beloved entry in the Duke Nukem series, offering engaging gameplay, humorous dialogue, and nostalgic charm. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the franchise, Manhattan Project promises hours of entertaining action and adventure.

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