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Game Description

Conflict: Global Terror (also known as Conflict: Global Storm) is a tactical shooter video game for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows developed by Pivotal Games and Synergenix and published by SCi Games and 2K Games. It’s the fourth book in the Conflict trilogy.

The action centers on an elite rapid response special forces unit, featuring four original members from the Desert Storm series as well as a newcomer. Terrorists must be defeated by Bradley, Foley, Connors, Jones, and Sherman in a variety of countries, including Colombia, South Korea, Ukraine, Egypt, the Philippines, and Kashmir.

ALT NAMES冲突:全球风暴, Conflict: Терроризм, Conflict: Global Storm
RELEASED INAustralia, France, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States (2005)
Russia, United Kingdom (2006)
GENREAction, Strategy
THEMEHistorical Battle (specific/exact), Shooter, Stealth, Tactical Shooter
PUBLISHER1C Company, Mastertronic Games Ltd., SCi Games Ltd.
DEVELOPERPivotal Games Ltd.
PERSPECTIVES1st-Person, Behind view

Conflict: Global Terror Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The game is mostly played in third-person, with controls that are comparable to those of a normal first-person shooter. The player has direct authority over one teammate but can issue commands to others. On the fly, the player can switch direct control between any of the four characters. Unlike many contemporary first- and third-person shooters, such a control mechanism is designed to allow tactical play to evolve, with many players preferring a “slow and steady” approach. When hurt, the AI will advance, take cover, use grenades, and withdraw.

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