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The fifth and final installment of the Commandos series, Commandos: Strike Force is a first-person tactical shooter video game. Pyro Studios created it, while Eidos Interactive published it.

The game, which was released in the initial months of 2006, is a change from the previous four titles. Despite the fact that the missions are set up in a similar fashion (multiple objectives, some to be achieved through stealth, others through force) and the player is allowed to switch between characters on most occasions, this is the first game in the series to use the first-person perspective, in contrast to the overhead view of the previous games. As a result, the game resembles Medal of Honor or Call of Duty titles significantly more than previous entries in the franchise.

ALT NAME盟军敢死队:打击力量
RELEASED INAustralia, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States (2006)
Canada, Mexico, United States, Worldwide (2007)
The United Kingdom, Worldwide (2008)
THEMEEurope, Historical Battle (specific/exact), Real-Time, Shooter, World War II
PUBLISHEREidos Interactive Limited, Eidos, Inc., Mastertronic Games Ltd., Noviy Disk
DEVELOPERPyro Studios S.L.

Commandos: Strike Force Download For Windows PC Gameplay

In each mission, the player must achieve a number of objectives. The player will utilize one or two of the three members of the Strike Force throughout the missions. Each member of the Strike Force has weapons, equipment, and abilities that are specific to their role. Pistols akimbo and heavier weaponry are available to the Green Beret. The Sniper is the only one who can swim in frigid water and uses scoped guns and throwing knives. To mislead lower-ranking soldiers, the Spy can utilize a silenced weapon and gas grenades (supplied with a gas mask) as well as any uniforms collected.

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