The Best Traits to Start with in Starfield

In the vast expanse of Starfield traits, the choices you make during the “One Small Step” mission define your character. Traits, offering buffs, debuffs, and unique perks in space, become the pivotal element. Your chosen traits shape your journey, making this selection a significant early decision.

Starfield Traits in the best

The Optional Essence of Traits

While traits are optional, understanding their trade-offs is crucial. If none seem appealing, remember, they can be altered at Reliant Medical surgery centers.

The Art of Choosing: No Right or Wrong

There’s no definitive right or wrong trait, but certain traits align better with distinct playstyles. Discover the best traits to kickstart your adventure in Starfield.

The Art of Choosing: No Right or Wrong

The Best Traits in Starfield

1. Dream Home: Your Cosmic Abode

If decorating a house is on your agenda, the Dream Home trait is your go-to choice. A vast space for a mere 500 credits per week, it’s a cost-effective luxury. While the location may be a tad secluded, the size and affordability compensate.

2. Extrovert or Introvert: Oxygen Management

Select either Extrovert or Introvert to manage oxygen consumption with or without companions. Choose based on your preferred gameplay style, keeping in mind that early quests may nudge you towards utilizing companions.

3. Wanted: Risk and Reward

Trade random mercenaries for increased damage when your health is low with the Wanted trait. The damage boost can prove invaluable in tight spots, and dealing with mercenaries is a manageable challenge.

3. Wanted: Risk and Reward

4. Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal: Religious Rarities

Opt for Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal if you have spare trait slots. Exclusive loot awaits based on your religious alignment, with no discernible downsides to these intriguing traits.

5. Faction Traits: Freestar Collective, Neon Street Rat, or United Colonies Native

With a spare trait slot, consider one of these faction traits aligned with your preferred hangout spot. While they enhance mission rewards from your chosen faction, be aware that bounties from other factions will increase.

Starfield Traits List: A Comprehensive Guide

For a detailed overview of available traits, consult the Starfield Traits List below. Each trait brings unique dynamics to your gameplay, presenting a wealth of options for character customization.


In the cosmic tapestry of Starfield, your chosen traits weave a narrative unique to your journey. Consider the nuances of each trait, align them with your playstyle, and embark on an interstellar adventure like no other.

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