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Game Description

Worms 3D is a Worms series 3D artillery turn-based tactical game. It was created by Team17. Worms 3D was the first in the series to be played in 3D, and it also included a number of new weapons. Furthermore, some of the weapon operations differ significantly from previous Worms titles.

Worms 3D was announced by Team17 in 2002 as Worms 3, with a different logo, and was set to be published by Activision at the time. Worms 3D was renamed in 2003, and Activision was dropped as the publisher. Sega acquired the rights to publish Worms 3D in Europe.

PublishersSega, Acclaim Entertainment, Feral Interactive, Sega
Release date2003


With the exception of the three-dimensional view, which gives the player more freedom and possibilities to complete the task at hand, the gameplay is mostly unchanged from its predecessors. Campaign and Quick Match modes return from previous versions. Worms 3D also has a multiplayer mode and the ability to edit and create teams. The goal of most matches is to eliminate the worms of the opposing forces, whereas the Campaign mode assigns the player specific goals to complete. The Campaign consists of 35 small missions in which the player must use their worms to complete a specific task, such as destroying enemy worms or collecting a specific crate, or even unique missions, such as detonating 16 hidden landmines in a certain amount of time. All of the missions award points based on how well the player performs. Gold medals typically unlock bonuses such as maps, challenge missions, weapon information, or voicebanks.

The worms continue to fight using a variety of conventional or droll weapons, such as rockets, explosives, firearms, and airstrikes, while also traversing the island using utilities when those items are available, as in 3D Worms predecessors. The entire inventory is based on Worms 3D rom immediate predecessors, but it is noticeably simplified and lacks previously existing items, such as digging tools like the blowtorch.

The player must use a weapon/utility to collect targets that add to their timebank, which grows steadily in the Challenge missions. Obtaining a gold medal in this area unlocks maps or locked weapons.

Download Worms 3D Download For Windows PC

We might have Worms 3D available for more than one platform. Worms 3D is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2003)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract Worms_3D_Win_ISO_EN.zip
  2. Open the “Game Files” folder and mount CD1 and CD2 (you will have to mount the iso files). If you don’t know how to mount files, refer to this article: https://oldgamesdownload.com/wiki/install-games-on-windows/
  3. Go to the mounted file and run “setup.exe”.
  4. When the installation is completed, go to the “NoCD” folder and copy paste “Launcher.exe” into Worms 3D rom installation directory
  5. Play Worms 3D

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