Tony Hawk’s Underground 2

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Download For Windows PC

Unraveling the Intricacies of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Remix – A Diverse Gaming Odyssey

In the sprawling realm of sports video games, Neversoft unleashed the dynamic force that is Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 pc download. This gaming marvel, the sixth iteration in the esteemed Tony Hawk series and a direct sequel to the groundbreaking Tony Hawk’s Underground, made its grand entrance into the gaming cosmos on October 4, 2004. An enthralling journey awaited players as they traversed the digital landscapes of PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance systems.

An Evolution Unveiled:

In a fascinating metamorphosis, the game, originally christened Underground 2, underwent a profound transformation on March 15, 2005. Emerging anew as Tony Hawk’s Underground 2: Remix, it found its way onto the captivating realm of the PlayStation Portable. Here, amidst the digital ether, fresh levels and characters breathed life into an already pulsating gaming experience.

Gameplay Extravaganza:

Embark on a multidimensional odyssey as the gameplay in Underground 2 mirrors the distinguished Tony Hawk legacy. The player, adorned with virtual skates, glides through intricately modeled 3D environments, a vivid tapestry woven from the threads of various cities. The challenge unfolds through an array of goals, each more exhilarating than the last.

Goals Galore:

Dive into the gaming labyrinth where goals are as diverse as the skaters themselves. Whether conquering gravity-defying ramps, executing mind-bending combos over urban landscapes, or navigating the cityscape with unparalleled finesse—each goal is a testament to the player’s virtuosity.

The Symphony of Points:

Scores, the heartbeat of the game, pulsate with the rhythm of combos. A delicate dance where the point value of each trick converges in a crescendo of digital artistry. Multiply this by the number of tricks in the combo, and behold the symphony of points that defines mastery in the Tony Hawk universe.

Release date2004

Powers Unleashed:

Engage the Focus ability, an arcane power activated with a full Special gauge, slowing down time to sculpt the perfect combo. Natas Spin, a mesmerizing ballet on small surfaces, and the cathartic Freak Out, triggered by certain bails, all contribute to the kaleidoscope of moves. The Wallplate maneuver even undergoes a rebirth, emerging as the evocative Sticker Slap.

Download Extravaganza:

Delve into the digital repository where Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 awaits across various platforms. Unearth the treasures of gaming as you seek the exhilarating journey on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, or Game Boy Advance.

Windows (2004)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download the “” file from the link above.
  2. Open the downloaded .zip file and extract the “THUG2_Win_ROM_EN” folder to your desktop. You will need to use a software such as WinRAR to do this.
  3. Open the extracted “THUG2_Win_ROM_EN” folder and then open the “Game Files” folder.
  4. Open the “CD1” folder and then mount the “rld-thua.bin” file to an empty disc drive. To do this, you will need to download a software such as PowerISO or Daemon Tools (right click on the file and there you should see your options to mount the file).
  5. Open the mounted disc drive and then run “Setup.exe”. The setup for the game should now launch.
  6. When prompted, mount the .bin file found in the “CD2” folder into an empty drive, and when prompted again do the same for the .bin file found in the “CD3” folder.
  7. Go through the game setup and finish installing the game.
  8. Launch the game using the desktop shortcut.
  9. Enjoy the game!

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Screenshots

OS:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP (95 & NT not supported)
Processor:Pentium III or Athlon equivalent.
Memory:256 MB.
Graphics:32 MB 100% DirectX(R) 9.0c compatible Video Card.
Storage:2.5 GB uncompressed (plus 200 MB for Windows Swap file)
Sound Card:Yes

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