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The Warriors is a 2005 beat ’em up video game developed by Rockstar Toronto and published by Rockstar Games, based on the 1979 film of the same name (which was based on Sol Yurick’s 1965 novel). It was released in October 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and in February 2007 for the PlayStation Portable; Rockstar Leeds worked on the PSP port. The Warriors was also released on the PlayStation 3 in May 2013 and the PlayStation 4 in July 2016 through the PlayStation Network. Set in gritty 1970s New York City, the story follows the eponymous street gang as they are falsely accused of the murder of a respected gang leader and are forced to return to their home turf in Coney Island while being pursued by rival gangs and the police. The Warriors expands on the plot of the film, with the first half covering events that occurred three months prior to the film.

The gameplay is centred on large-scale brawling in 3D environments, with other activities such as chase sequences interspersed. Score to the warriors game includes songs from the film’s soundtrack; however, as of 2016, some of them, including “I Love Livin’ in the City” and “In the City,” had been removed from the PS3 and PS4 versions due to licensing restrictions. Several cast members from the film reprised their roles in The Warriors. The Warriors (what channel is the warriors game on tonight) received overwhelmingly positive reviews after its initial release.

PublishersRockstar Games
DevelopersRockstar Toronto
Release date2005
GenreAction, Adventure, Fighting

The Warriors Gameplay

The Warriors is an action-adventure survival game that emphasizes brawling. Several minor gameplay elements, such as the ability to use spray paint to mark turf or insult other people, are incorporated into the experience. Score to the warriors game (Warriors leader) Cleon, lieutenant Swan, heavy muscles Ajax and Snow, Cleon and Swan’s friends Vermin and Cowboy, scout Fox, Harlem native Cochise, and Rembrandt, the Warriors graffiti artist, are all playable characters. In each mission, the player can only control one character, while the others are controlled by the computer. The most prominent characters are Cleon, Swan, Ajax, and Rembrandt. The Warriors game attack rival gangs’ territory in most missions, though there are five bonus “flashback” missions that explain how certain members joined the gang; all gangs, except the Destroyers, are taken from the film, though some are only mentioned or briefly featured and never fought against, namely the Electric Eliminators, Panzers, and Van Cortlandt Rangers. After completing the main storyline, an arcade game called Armies of the Night is unlocked. Swan and Ajax are the two playable characters.

The Warriors’ headquarters serves as a central location. From within, the player can train (10 ranks of physical fitness such as sit-ups, press-ups, chin-ups, and heavy bag, which increase stamina), converse with fellow gang members, play through rumble mode and other bonus material, walk outside to Coney Island for extra missions, or begin the next level of the story proper. Mission objectives include beating up a certain number of enemy gang members or stealing a certain amount of items, as well as more complex and creative tasks such as winning a graffiti competition in SoHo, stealing goods to plant on corrupt cops and rival gang members, and wild chases away from Baseball Furie’s members wielding baseball bats. Fighting is done in the style of a gang rumble, with the player being assisted by other Warriors at the same time (a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 8). Combos consist of 2-3 button chains for weak attacks, strong attacks, holds, and throws. Grab attacks allow the playable character to perform their own unique power attack, which quickly depletes the enemy’s health. The Warriors fight their way through the ranks, gaining a strong reputation and displaying their colors proudly until they are invited to a meeting of all of New York City’s gangs, which is where the film (and the last few missions of The Warriors) begins.

The Warriors progresses in a linear fashion from one mission event to the next, which is usually represented by a cutscene. In The Warriors (what channel is the warriors game on tonight), combat takes place in real-time, with players pressing buttons to initiate attacks by the on-screen character. By pausing The Warriors game, the player can discover combat techniques such as 2-3 combos, wall smashes, grab and throws, charges, body cross attacks, snap attacks, weapon attacks, and counter-attacks. The player can view the stats of the character. This menu is controlled by the right analog stick, while movement in the 3D environment is controlled by the joystick, and camera controls are managed by the up arrow on the digital pad and the analog joystick, allowing the player to navigate the menu while avoiding or approaching enemies. In addition, players have the option of mugging people, receiving money, flashing, and spraying graffiti. Items such as car radios and jewelry are available for the player to collect or steal at each level.  Completing these actions grants the player points, which can be used to unlock soldiers, arenas, and game modes in Rumble Mode, what channel is the warriors game on tonight’s free-for-all multiplayer mode. 

The playable character has a health bar beneath their feet that decreases whenever they take damage, but it can be replenished by using flash. The circular grey bar inside the health bar represents the player’s grappling stamina, which depletes when they grab or mount an opponent. The top-left hand side represents the character’s rage meter, which when full allows the player to perform a variety of combos and styles. In a rage, the player becomes temporarily invincible, capable of performing finishing moves and inflicting significant damage on the opponent. If the player’s allies are knocked out, the player can use flash to heal them. If the playable character loses all of their health, the mission is over and the player is prompted to resume from the checkpoint or restart the mission from the beginning. Defeating enemies causes items to fall from their bodies, flash to restore health, spray to spray over enemy gang territories, and money to be spent on items from dealers.

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We might have The Warriors available for more than one platform. The Warriors is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2005)

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PlayStation 2

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