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A video game called Sven Bmwllen was created by Phemomedia and released for Microsoft Windows by ak tronic Software & Services GmbH. It was first released in 2002 and is the first game in a lighthearted German game series about the sexual behavior of the game’s titular black sheep character, Sven Bmwllen.

PublishersPak tronic Software & Services GmbHubName
Developersphenomedia publishing gmbh
Release date2002

Sven Bomwollen Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The objective of sven bomwollen, a black sheep in Sven Bmwllen, is to mate with every white sheep nearby. A specific key on the keyboard used to control sven bomwollen starts the sexual activity. Most of the time, the white sheep are very inactive and just wait for sven bomwollen to pay them any attention. A weather icon over their heads indicates their current level of happiness. The more female sheep wait about until their demands are met, the more a lightning bolt appears in their emblems. They then begin to become enraged and turn red with horns, which causes them to run around the field. They could electrocute Sven, which would only result in a point deduction but would also temporarily paralyze him. sven bomwollen can whistle to them to cheer them up before they become red. They will vanish until the player has achieved the highest level of happiness (represented by a heart), at which point the player will receive points. sven bomwollen needs to make all the white sheep vanish in order to finish a level.

Lars Einnicken, a shepherd, and his dog Want are two adversaries that sven bomwollen app must stay away from. Jumping into a body of water or a puddle to dodge the two will never cost the players life, but it will make Sven reappear somewhere else on the screen. sven bomwollen spielen can gather extras like flowers and mushrooms to acquire additional abilities. He starts with a total of three lives, but this number can be raised by obtaining power-ups. If sven bomwollen spielen makes a fish sheep happy, the player gets bonus points when she jumps out of the water. On rare occasions, an extraterrestrial UFO would appear and attempt to use a beam to catch sheep.

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