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“SSX Tricky: The Ultimate Snowboarding Adventure”

SSX Tricky was released in 2001, SSX Tricky is a thrilling snowboarding video game which was brings the exhilarating world of snowboarding to life. its developed by EA Sports BIG and published by Electronic Arts, the game made its mark on 3 platforms, including PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.

In SSX Tricky, players step into the boots of skilled snowboarders & vide head first into an array of races and events set on picture sque mountain slopes spanning the globe world. The game inspire a diverse cast of characters, each driver with their own distinct styles and abilities. Any Players have the freedom to personalize their characters with various gear and equipment, and as they advance through the game, they unlock new characters and equipment options.

Central to SSX Tricky’s appeal that is its high-speed, heart-pounding game play. Players navigate through challenging terrains for example steep cliffs, narrow chutes, and icy slopes, pushing their skills to the limits. The game showcases an array of tricks and stunts that players can be execute, earning them points and bonuses for their successful acrobatics.

Beyond the main race modes, SSX Tricky boasts an array of mini-games and challenges that keep players engaged:

PublishersElectronic Arts Inc.
DevelopersElectronic Arts Canada
Release date2001


Offering the opportunity to explore courses and practice tricks, this mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics and courses.


Designed for beginners, the practice mode offers a safe space for honing snowboarding skills and trying out various tricks.

World Circuit:

In this mode, players partake in races and events to unlock characters, boards, and outfits. Races and showoffs are the main event types. Showoffs challenge players to perform impressive feats to accumulate points.

Single Event:

Single events are an option within the World Circuit mode, enabling players to participate in one-off races, showoffs, and time challenges. Medals are awarded at the conclusion of each event.

SSX Tricky offers an engaging and immersive snowboarding experience that captivates fans of the sport. Its dynamic gameplay and wide array of tricks make it a must-play for snowboarding enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or simply looking for an adrenaline-fueled gaming adventure, SSX Tricky promises an exhilarating ride down the virtual mountainside.

As a testament to its enduring popularity, fans often wonder about its compatibility on modern consoles:

PS3 Compatibility:

SSX Tricky can be played on PS3 using the emulator employed for “PS2 Classics.” A fat PS3 model is not necessary. Although compatibility is not perfect, gameplay occurs in native resolution with DE interlacing. Fortunately, no adjustments are required, and there’s no noticeable input lag.

PS4 Compatibility: Similarly, SSX Tricky can be played on PS4 using the same “PS2 Classics” emulator. A fat PS4 model isn’t mandatory. While compatibility isn’t flawless, the game runs in native resolution with deinterlacing. No tinkering with settings is needed, and players generally report minimal input lag.

Xbox 360 Compatibility:

Unfortunately, SSX Tricky isn’t natively compatible with Xbox 360. Players seeking to experience the game may need to explore alternative solutions.

In summary, SSX Tricky remains a cherished snowboarding gem that offers a rush of excitement and challenges across a variety of platforms. Whether you’re seeking to relive its action or discover it for the first time, SSX Tricky invites players to embark on an unforgettable snowboarding journey.”

Download SSX Tricky Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. SSX Tricky is currently available on these platforms:

Install on Windows 7/10 & PlayStation 2


PlayStation 2

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