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SSX Tricky is a snowboarding video game that was released in 2001. It was developed by EA Sports BIG and published by Electronic Arts for various platforms including PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox.

In SSX Tricky, players take on the role of a snowboarder and compete in a variety of races and events on mountain slopes around the world. The game features a wide range of characters to choose from, each with its own unique style and abilities. Players can customize their characters with different gear and equipment and can unlock new gear and characters as they progress through the game.

One of the key features of SSX Tricky is its fast-paced and exhilarating gameplay. Players must navigate through a variety of challenging environments and terrain, including steep cliffs, narrow chutes, and ice-covered slopes. The game also features a variety of tricks and stunts that players can perform and rewards players for successfully completing these tricks with points and bonuses.

In addition to the main race modes, SSX Tricky also includes a number of mini-games and challenges. These include trick attacks, in which players must score as many points as possible with tricks, and survival, in which players must navigate through a series of challenges without crashing or falling.

Overall, SSX Tricky is a thrilling and exciting snowboarding game that offers players a unique and immersive experience on the mountain. Its fast-paced gameplay and variety of tricks and stunts make it a great choice for fans of the genre. If you enjoy snowboarding games and want to experience the thrill of carving up the mountain, then you should definitely give SSX Tricky a try.

PublishersElectronic Arts Inc.
DevelopersElectronic Arts Canada
Release date2001


There are four modes of gameplay:


The Freeride mode does not allow players to unlock characters or boards. It enables players to play with either one or two players, as well as allows the player to get to know the course. It allows the player to unlock outfits by completing a trick chapter.


The option for beginners to practice snowboarding is in practice mode. Players can act whatever they like and can practice tricks, just like in Freeride.

World Circuit

In World Circuit mode, players can race and participate in events to unlock characters, boards, and outfits. There are two main types of events: races and showoffs. To win bronze, silver, or gold medals in a race, players must participate in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds before moving on to the final round. In showoffs, players must perform elaborate feats and rack up as many points as possible.

To unlock the additional course Untracked, players must finish the World Circuit mode in Race, and to unlock Pipedream, a game that is similar to Untracked and can be played in Freeride or as a single event in Showoff, players must earn medals on all Showoff courses.

Single Event

The World Circuit mode includes several events that can be played as single events rather than multiple heats, such as Race, Showoff, and Time Challenge. In the first two modes, medals are awarded at the end of the track, and a third player can join in any of the three modes.

Can you play SSX Tricky on PS3?

The emulator used for “PS2 Classics” is being used, so a fat PS3 model is not necessary. However, compatibility is not perfect, and the game runs in native resolution with deinterlacing. On the plus side, no settings need to be adjusted and there is no perceived input lag.

Can I play ssx tricky on ps4?

It’s using the emulator they used for “PS2 Classics” (so you don’t need a fat PS4 model) The compatibility is far from 100%, and it runs in native res deinterlaced, but on the flip side – you don’t have to tinker with any settings, and I don’t feel any input lag whatsoever.

Does SSX Tricky work on Xbox 360?

So, unfortunately, all you could do to play it is buy another Xbox.

Download SSX Tricky Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. SSX Tricky is currently available on these platforms:

Install on Windows 7/10 & PlayStation 2


PlayStation 2