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Spyro: Year of the Dragon is a 2000 platform game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. The third Spyro game in the series is called Year of the Dragon. The PlayStation 2 game Ratchet & Clank was Insomniac’s follow-up to the final Spyro game they had created.

Year of the Dragon is a video game about the purple dragon Spyro who journeys to the “Forgotten Worlds” when a wicked sorceress steals 150 mystical dragon eggs from the home of the dragons. The game is named after the animal of the Chinese zodiac, which was the symbol at the time of its release. Players explore thirty distinct worlds in search of jewels and eggs. Year of the Dragon updated the series’ aesthetics and music while introducing new characters and minigames.

By 2007, the game had garnered positive reviews and sold over three million units globally. By incorporating fresh activities and broad landscapes, the game expanded on the concept that made its predecessors successful, according to reviewers. Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, a multiplatform game that was released after Year of the Dragon, was then reissued on the Greatest Hits label and rebuilt as a part of the Spyro Year of the Dragon Reignited Trilogy in 2018.

PublishersSony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.
DevelopersInsomniac Games, Inc.
Release date2000

Spyro: Year of the Dragon Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Year of the Dragon’s gameplay is similar to those of its predecessors and is mostly played in the third person. The basic goal of the game is to gather the 36 different worlds’ worth of rare dragon eggs. These eggs are either hidden or offered as prizes for finishing particular tasks and levels. Spyro Year of the Dragon planets are connected by “homeworlds” or “hubs,” enormous worlds that include entrances to numerous further levels. The character must finish five worlds, collect a particular amount of eggs, and take down a boss in order to move on to the next hub. 1–8 To finish the main game or unlock new levels, players do not need to collect every egg; in fact, some eggs can only be found by going back to the world at a later time. The planets are filled with gems that have been stashed away in containers and jars. These gems are needed to pay a bear by the name of Moneybags to free characters who have been imprisoned and turn on features that aid Spyro in advancing through stages. The total percentage of the game’s completion is calculated using the number of collected eggs and gems.

For the majority of the game, the player controls the dragon Spyro. Sparx, a dragonfly companion who changes color and eventually vanishes after taking increasing amounts of damage, serves as Spyro’s health gauge. The following hit would result in the player losing life and starting over at the last checkpoint they had previously saved if they lacked Sparx. Consuming “fodder,” or tiny fauna, regenerates Sparx. Spyro Year of the Dragon may employ his many skills—including breathing fire, swimming and diving, gliding, and headbutting—to explore different environments and take on a variety of foes, most of which are Rhynocs, rhinoceros-like monsters. Some enemies are exclusively susceptible to particular maneuvers. Spyro has the ability to run through “Powerup Gates,” which grants him unique skills for a brief time.

In addition to Spyro Year of the Dragon, Year of the Dragon features playable creatures, which the player unlocks as they advance through the game by paying off Moneybags. The player then takes on the role of the character in levels’ designated areas. Each creature has unique skills and special moves. For instance, Sheila the Kangaroo can double leap, whereas Sgt. Byrd is equipped with rocket launchers and is capable of unrestricted flight.

Year of the Dragon includes a large selection of minigames that are divided into different zones and are separated from the levels in addition to the main objective to discover dragon eggs. While some of the minigames are brand-new to the series, others were previously present in Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and were subsequently enhanced for Year of the Dragon. Spyro Year of the Dragon or one of the other characters who are playable participates in these minigames.

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