Spy vs. Spy (2005)

Game Description

A video game called Spy vs. Spy was created by Vicious Cycle Software and released by Global Star Software. The game is based on the main comic strip from MAD magazine. The game includes the two spies (“Black” and “White”) in a special story mode, along with two additional game modes (“Modern” and “Classic”) and a multiplayer option that accommodates up to four players. Thoughts of a GameCube version were abandoned.

PublishersGlobal Star Software MAD
DevelopersVicious Cycle Software
Release date2005

Game modes

Story mode

In this single-player option, the player has a choice between Black Spy and White Spy to complete a range of missions that are filled with puzzles and a cast of AI-controlled foes, including the enemy spy. The plot has been constructed to resemble a modernized, longer episode of the 1960s animated series. The player will still have the same tools on either campaign, regardless of the spy they choose. The missions are the same in both directions as well. The two spies’ attempts to outsmart one another while trying to halt the superweapon of a wicked general are the key plot devices in this mode.

Modern/Classic mode

These game modes support single-player and multiplayer play. The objective of these modes is to outsmart the other spy by gathering four artifacts from safes scattered throughout the map (a briefcase is used in Classic mode to carry all the things) and then escaping in either the elevator or (in Modern mode) a strange getaway vehicle. The player who gathers all four artifacts from the map before escaping is declared the winner. The sole difference between the Modern and Classic variants of this rule is that the Modern mode’s eight maps are all distinctive and different, but the Classic mode’s maps are more like the cartoon from the 1960s and the original game. The Mansion, The Kooky Carnival, The Robot Factory, The Oil Rig, The Haunted House, The Volcano Lair, Area 51, and The Space Station are among the 8 Modern modes; in contrast, the Classic mode enlarges each room by one every level.

Other multiplayer modes

In this mode, two new colored spies are introduced, Red and Blue. These spies are AI-controlled with 2 players or can be chosen in 3 or 4-player mode. These are basically Deathmatch/Capture the Flag style games – kill all other spies and capture their flags to win, and can be played in either Modern or Classic modes.

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We might have Spy vs Spy game available for more than one platform. Spy vs. Spy (2005) is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2005)

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PlayStation 2

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