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Game Description

Maxis released SimSafari, a construction and management simulation game, on March 19, 1998. It is similar to SimPark, with the exception that the park is set in Africa rather than North America, and thus contains African animals and plants.

PublishersMaxis Kids
Release date1998

SimSafari Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The game is split into three sections: the nature park, the tourist grounds, and the African village. The ultimate goal is for the player’s park to get five stars, but as with most Sims games, the player can keep playing indefinitely. To earn five stars, the player must ensure that each zone is properly run. The player has control over-tourism and personnel.

  • The park is where the player can buy animals and made sure they were not being over-eaten or underfed. The player can control the species of animals, grasses, shrubs, and trees that were built here. The game has information on every species in it, with short animations for the animals. Natural disasters can occur, like fires, droughts, locusts, and twisters.
  • The Camp, also known as the Tourist Ground, is where tourists stay. The player can build restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, cottages, tents, etc. for guests. The buildings are staffed by workers hired from the village.
  • In the village the player can hire drivers, naturalists, guides, cooks, and attendants to staff your tourist grounds. The more staff are hired, the better the village does. The village poaches your park’s animals if the player does not hire enough staff. If things go very badly, the village might even stop working for you altogether. The player has the least control over the village because it is up to the AI to decide what to build.

There are several possibilities, including one in which the park is overrun by rabbits and another in which the camp is destroyed by fire.

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We might have the game available for more than one platform. SimSafari is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1998)

SimSafari SimSafari Download For Windows PC


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