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Rule of Rose is a survival horror video game developed by Punchline for the PlayStation 2. The story, set in England in 1930, centers on a 19-year-old lady named Jennifer who finds herself stuck in a society where little girls have created a social class known as the Red Crayon Aristocrats. Sony Computer Entertainment initially presented it in Japan in 2006. Later that year, Atlus USA in North America and 505 Games in Europe published the Rule of Rose because Sony Computer Entertainment’s American and European divisions showed little interest in localizing it.

After Sony Computer Entertainment requested Punchline to create a horror game, work on Rule of Rose began. Punchline sought to create a “new kind of horror game” that mainly focused on psychological fright. This choice gave rise to the idea of childhood, particularly the “mysterious and misunderstood” characteristics of young girls. For the story, the team looked to the timeless Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and for the aesthetics and visual design, they looked to the Silent Hill series. To give the game’s environment a human touch, studio musicians composed the complete soundtrack.

Prior to its publication in Europe, Rule of Rose caused a moral panic due to speculations about its putative subject matter. These rumors included both outrageous cruelty and sensual overtones. Several European authorities criticized the Rule of the Rose and demanded that it be banned. Despite the Video Standards Council declaring the accusations “nonsense,” the game was canceled in the UK. Many newspapers gave Rule of Rose mixed reviews; while the gameplay was criticised, responses to the narrative, music, and horror components were almost generally positive. Due to the psychological horror present throughout the game and the presence of a canine friend for the main character, Silent Hill and Haunting Ground have been mentioned in comparisons.

PublishersSony Computer Entertainment, Atlus USA, 505 Games
Release date2006
GenreSurvival, Horror

Rule of Rose Download For Windows PC Gameplay

In the survival horror game Rule of Rose, the player controls Jennifer as she explores the surroundings and moves the plot forward by completing tasks while sometimes running into monsters and bosses.

The plot of Rules of Rose revolves around the terrible childhood memories of Jennifer, “an ordinary, fragile girl,” and these memories occasionally materialize in exaggerated ways, according to its director Shuji Ishikawa and associate producer Yuya Takayama.

With a range of makeshift weapons, including pipes and kitchen knives, combat is almost entirely melee-based. Jennifer is a cautious character; neither her melee attacks are potent nor far-reaching. Instead of engaging in combat, evading attackers is frequently a better tactic. All of the game’s foes, with the exception of a few bosses, are imps, little, slender creatures that resemble dolls. Along with conventional imps, various animal-headed imps can be seen throughout the Rule of Rose.

The game’s levels are spread out over a month. Every chapter starts with the reading of a handcrafted storybook that relates to its subject. Finding a certain item to present to the Aristocracy is Jennifer’s job at each stage.

Early on in the game, Jennifer meets and saves Brown the dog. Throughout the entire Rule of Rose, Brown follows her and obeys the player’s directions. Brown may be asked to follow objects using their scent, told to “remain,” or summoned to Jennifer’s side. Brown cannot attack foes but can snarl at various bosses and imps to get their attention so Jennifer can attack or withdraw without worrying about retaliation. He may become so badly hurt that he collapses and ceases to distract opponents or follow objects.

The game relies heavily on Brown’s ability to find things and uses it in each chapter to advance. The player can use the same approach to locate health restorers and other objects that, while not necessary to finish the Rule of Rose, can assist them to survive clashes with enemies. Players choose an item from their inventory for Brown to find, and Brown is attached to that item until they modify it or remove it. This method can be used to find at least one sort of item for each item chosen. When tracking down an object, Brown will guide the player through the game’s landscapes while scratching at doors to indicate that they should be opened. All trade things and the majority of health restorers are concealed and need to be found by Brown; however, if the player wants to advance more quickly, they can choose not to look for these items. Foods for refueling include chocolate, candies, and snack foods. The various restoration products restore diverse degrees of health. If Brown becomes hurt, bones and other items can be used to heal him. While ribbons and marbles aren’t immediately useful, they can be exchanged for food, rare items, and weaponry with non-playable characters.

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