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Rollin is a puzzle video game written for MS-DOS by Michael Riedel of SAV Creation and published by Ticsoft.

To move a ball from beginning to end of a level in a top-down view is the goal of the game. The ball abides by the laws of gravity, momentum, and energy conservation. Tiles with a variety of characteristics and effects make up levels. The game has single-player, cooperative two-player, and turn-based two-player modes. The keyboard, mouse, and joysticks are the controllers that are supported.

The eight levels in each of the five “episodes” (level packs) have a different graphic theme. Episodes 2+3 and 4+5 were split into Part 1 and Part 2, each with 16 levels. Eight levels made up Episode 1, also known as Part 0, which was distributed as shareware. “Friendware” is its official name.

The soundtrack in the electronic music genre was composed by Karsten Koch. With the exception of the main menu tune, each released Part has its own unique set of in-game tracks.

DevelopersSAV Creation
Release date1995

Rollin Download For Windows PC Gameplay

An evil scientist has turned the player’s character into a ball. Now, if he wants to survive, he must navigate a number of mazes created by that scientist as well. In order to eventually reach the level’s exit, his objective is to move his marble throughout the level while gathering goods and gold (to purchase keys and other items at stores).

Obstacles, items, and special tiles include monsters, keys, locks, trampolines, acid to destroy some walls, and more.

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DOS (1995)

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