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Why did the old man create the squid game?

Unraveling the Enigma: The Perplexing Motives of the Old Man in Squid Game

Introduction: Dive into the labyrinthine narrative of ‘Squid Game,’ a deathly ballet orchestrated by the enigmatic old man, Oh Il-nam. The revelation that this beloved character is the sinister puppeteer behind the macabre spectacle left viewers awash with shock and disappointment. In the heart-wrenching season finale, the layers of mystery peel away, exposing the old man’s true identity as the architect of the brutal game. This article delves into the depths of Il-nam’s psyche, unraveling the perplexing motives that fueled the creation of the Squid Game.

The Shocking Revelation: No. 001, The Mastermind

In a narrative twist that reverberated with the shockwaves of revelation, the seemingly affable No. 001, also known as Oh Il-nam, emerges as the mastermind of the Squid Game. The emotional rollercoaster, from mourning his apparent demise to discovering his malevolent secret, mirrors the complexity that defines the Squid Game universe.

Motivation Behind the Madness: The Pursuit of Entertainment

Oh Il-nam’s creation of the Squid Game stems from a twisted desire for entertainment. The insatiable boredom that afflicts the obscenely wealthy becomes the catalyst for the birth of this deadly carnival. In the pursuit of pleasure, Il-nam forges a game that transcends conventional leisure, venturing into the realms of violent absurdity. The revelation that he and his equally affluent peers found traditional amusements lacking propels them into a world where lives are the stakes, and blood is the currency.

The Chilling Game: A Symphony of Violence

Unlike a conventional game of Polo or Golf, Il-nam crafts a harrowing narrative of obscene violence tailored to satiate his jaded tastes. Money, power, and influence empower these puppeteers, rendering them blissfully oblivious to the humanity sacrificed for their amusement. The realization that the contestants willingly signed forms, choosing to return to this deadly playground, further underscores the depths of desperation that propelled them into Il-nam’s malevolent masterpiece.

The Terminal Twist: A Tumor, a Mask, and the Final Bet

Il-nam’s impending demise, coupled with an incurable tumor, fuels the terminal twist in the Squid Game saga. To witness the fruition of his creation, he adopts the guise of No. 001, partaking in the game as both puppeteer and player. The revelation that he and the elusive VIPs engage in wagers over the contestants’ fates paints a chilling portrait of the ultimate source of entertainment for the callously wealthy.

The Final Bet: A Philosophical Showdown

In a climactic confrontation with Gi-hun, Il-nam lays bare his twisted philosophy that humanity is inherently selfish. A morbid bet unfolds, symbolizing the ultimate test of this philosophy. As Gi-hun grapples with the choice between life and death, the very essence of human goodness is put to the test. The resolution, however, delivers a poignant contradiction to Il-nam’s cynicism, underscoring the unpredictable facets of the human spirit.


The perplexing tale of the old man in Squid Game weaves a narrative tapestry rich in complexity, burstiness, and perplexity. As the final credits roll, the legacy of Oh Il-nam stands as a testament to the intricacies of human nature, a chilling exploration of the lengths one would go for entertainment, even at the cost of lives. The Squid Game saga, with all its twists and turns, invites contemplation on the fragility of morality and the enigmatic dance between darkness and light.

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