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Game Description

For the PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo 64, Kalisto Entertainment created the 1997 survival horror video game Nightmare Creatures. Three years later, Nightmare Creatures II was released. In 2003, Gameloft created and released a mobile phone version of Nightmare Creatures 2. Nightmare Creatures III: Angel of Darkness, the second installment, was canceled in 2004.

PublishersActivision Publishing Inc.
DevelopersKalisto Entertainment SA
Release date1997

Nightmare Creatures Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Ignatius or Nadia can be controlled in the single-player game Nightmare Creatures n64. In addition to each character’s primary weapon, players can also utilize secondary weapons like handguns, mines, fire bombs, and magic spells. Players must continuously seek out and win battles to keep the adrenaline bar filled because the Nightmare Creatures ps1 has an optional adrenaline meter that, if it runs out, results in health loss.

Download Nightmare Creatures Download For Windows PC

We might have the Nightmare Creature available for more than one platform. Nightmare Creatures is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1997)

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