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Game Description

A 3D platformer from 2002 is called Marble Blast Gold. Some Apple Inc. machines, including the iMac, iBook, and Mac mini, came with it pre-installed. Both different Linux distributions and Windows operating systems can use it. A few years later, Marble Blast Ultra, the Xbox 360 version of the sequel, was launched with more features and enhanced visuals. A marble selector is included in Marble Blast XP, a version of the game on the Net Jet online gaming platform. The next year, Marble blast Gold online was also transferred with improved visuals to the Microsoft Xbox via the Xbox Live Arcade service.

MarbleBlast Gold is the improved version of the game that was first released in December 2002 under the name Marble Blast. It was also licensed to eGames at some point in 2003 to be distributed again under the name Marble Blaster.

The Marble Blast community has also modified the game, most notably with the creation of Marble Blast Platinum, PlatinumQuest, Marble Blast Powered Up, and Marble Blast Emerald.

PublishersGarageGames, Inc.
DevelopersGarageGames, Inc., Monster Studios, LLC
Release date2003
GenreAction, Puzzle

Marble Blast Gold Download For Windows PC Gameplay

In order to play, you must assume the role of an autonomous marble that is going from a start pad to an end pad while staying within the lines. Levels could have dangers to make this harder. The player can make the marble jump as well as control how the marble spins and moves as a result. The player can choose from a number of power-ups, which are acquired by tapping them with the marble. To make them harder, some levels must be finished within a certain amount of time. Each level also includes a “Gold Time,” which is an additional challenge to finish the level in a certain amount of time. Every gold time is always attainable but typically necessitates hunting down buried powerups or using shortcuts. Some levels must be completed before a certain number of gems are collected. There are three difficulty levels for each of the 100 levels: 24 Beginner, 24 Intermediate, and 52 Advanced.

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We might have the Marble Blast Gold free download windows available for more than one platform. Marble Blast Gold download is currently available on these platforms:

Mac (2003)

Windows (2003)

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