LMA Manager 2007 Download For Windows PC

Game Description

LMA Manager is a football management video game series developed and published by Codemasters. The franchise, which was created primarily for consoles, distinguishes itself from the PC-based Football Manager and Championship Manager series by emphasizing visual details like a fully 3D match engine while still upholding the level of realism and detail desired by fans of the genre – a novel combination when the series was first released.

The series is known by different names in various countries, including LMA Manager in the UK (named after the League Managers Association), BDFL Manager in Germany (basically the LMA’s German equivalent), Manager de Liga in Spain, Football Manager Campionato in Italy, and FC Manager – La Passion du Foot in France since the 2006 edition (the French edition of the series was formerly known as Roger Lemerre – La Sélection des Champions after the former French national team coach).

PublishersCodemasters Software Company Limited, The
DevelopersCodemasters Software Company Limited, The
Release date2006
GenreSimulation, Sports

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