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Game Description

Embark on a virtual odyssey within the Lego universe as Lego Loco, a Microsoft Windows-based masterpiece, catapults you into a world of blocky brilliance. Launched in the ethereal embrace of November 1998, this game stands as a testament to Lego’s foray into the realm of virtual creativity. Unveiling Lego Loco, where the essence of gameplay transcends mere construction, becomes a journey into a microcosm of imaginative railways and animated Lego life.

PublishersLego Media
DevelopersIntelligent Games
Release date1998


Toying with the Digital Realm: The gameplay unfurls as players are bequeathed a “Toy Box,” a Pandora’s Box of possibilities. Within this virtual sanctum, structures emerge like apparitions from a Lego dream. Roads, railway lines, stations, crossings, buildings, and scenery – an array of choices to shape a village for Lego denizens to inhabit. But the simplicity belies the complexity that follows.

Animating the Lego Landscape: Closing the Toy Box signals the awakening of the Lego town. It teems with life, and Lego figures, like digital migrants, settle into their abodes. The player, akin to a Lego deity, can pluck figures from their dwellings and orchestrate their movements, altering moods with the mere relocation of a blocky persona. It’s not just construction; it’s the animation of a Lego universe with its own digital heartbeat.

Railway Realms and Mood Alterations: Trains become the digital veins of Lego Loco. Spawned from the train house (engine shed), these locomotives traverse the player-crafted railway lines, stopping at strategically positioned stations. Passenger carriages become animated residences, and the player, a puppet master, controls the speed, direction, and even the addition of postal carriages. Transporting player-created postcards becomes a pixelated journey through the digital landscape.

Download LEGO Loco Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Lego Loco is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1998)

Tunneling through Creativity: Tunnels, those portals to Lego creativity, line the map’s edge, allowing trains to pass through and granting players the ability to trade postcards in a collaborative exchange. Lego Loco becomes not just a game but a living, breathing canvas where creativity tunnels through the pixelated expanse.


In the tapestry of Lego Loco, perplexity and burstness converge, crafting a digital kaleidoscope where construction meets animation, and simplicity dances with complexity. It’s a game that transcends the mundane, becoming a virtual utopia where every Lego block is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of imagination. Welcome to Lego Loco, where creativity is not just built; it’s unleashed upon a pixelated wonderland.

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract
  2. Mount OGD_Lego_Loco.iso
  3. Run SETUP.exe and install the game
  4. Right-click the game’s shortcut and select “Run as administrator”
  5. Play the game

Note: if you get any compatibility issues, try running the game in compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP2), reduced color mode, and/or reduce screen resolution. You might need to play around with the compatibility settings to find a setting that runs on your system.

LEGO Loco Download For Windows PC Screenshots


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