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Game Description

In the realm of chess-based strategy games, LEGO Chess emerges as a unique tapestry of complexity and diversity. Developed by Krisalis Software and published by Lego Media, this Lego-themed marvel takes the chessboard to new dimensions. Embark on a journey through the intricacies of gameplay, where perplexity and burstness intertwine seamlessly.

PublishersLego Media
DevelopersKrisalis Software
Release date1998


Building Moves: In LEGO Chess, the rules of the age-old game of chess become a canvas for creative alteration. While default chess rules persist, the player can delve into a myriad of popular variations. Each click on a piece unveils a dance of possibilities, with the virtual chess pieces showcasing their unique video clips upon capture. An astonishing 72 clips, each an independent vignette, unfold as pawns, knights, rooks, queens, bishops, and kings execute their distinctive captures.

Story Mode

A Tale of Themes: Dive into the narrative depths of LEGO Chess as the player chooses between a western or a pirate theme in story mode. A chess competition against the AI unfolds, with escalating difficulties painting the battles. The storyline, delivered through captivating cutscenes, immerses players in a sheriff’s pursuit of bank robbers or a soldier’s race against pirates for treasure. The chess matches dictate the narrative, with each victory or defeat shaping the fate of the characters. Completion of a tale is commemorated with a printed certificate, a testament to the player’s chess prowess.

Tutorial Mode

Royal Lessons with The Chess King: The tutorial mode serves as a chess academy, guided by none other than The Chess King, a Lego King Minifig with a flair for Elvis-style communication. From fundamental piece movements to advanced strategies, The Chess King guides players through the chess labyrinth. Unconventional explanations, such as knights riding BMX motorcycles to justify their jumping abilities, infuse the tutorial with whimsy. The throne upon which The Chess King resides is an homage to the initial Lego set that accompanied the game’s debut.

Versus Mode

Unleashing Versatility: In the versatile battleground of versus mode, players can customize their chess experience. The AI’s difficulty level is at the player’s command, and multiplayer mode beckons for strategic clashes between minds. A third Lego brick chess set, a traditionalist’s dream, adds a layer of diversity. Mix and match sets, envision pirates facing off against western figures. However, in this eclectic clash of themes, the animations for capturing pieces gracefully take a back seat. The chessboard is a mutable arena; pieces can be added or removed before or during the game, giving players the power to shape their own chess narrative.

Download LEGO Chess Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. LEGO Chess is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (1998)

How to play on Windows

  1. Download and Extract
  2. Mount LEGO Chess. cue and run the game’s “SETUP.EXE”. Follow on-screen instructions and install the game
  3. Launch the game using the desktop shortcut


LEGO Chess, with its symphony of perplexity and burstness, transcends the traditional chess experience. Beyond the black and white squares lies a vibrant world where strategy meets storytelling, and every move resonates with the creativity of Lego’s iconic universe. Dive into this chess odyssey, where complexity dances with diversity on a checkered battlefield.

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