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Game Description

L.A. Rush is an open-world racing video game that was created by Midway Studios – Newcastle and released by Midway Games on October 10, 2005, for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox (not compatible with the Xbox 360), and on October 21, 2005, in Europe. It is also known as Rush in the PlayStation Portable version. In Europe, it was made available for Microsoft Windows on November 4 and for the PSP on October 30, 2006. The fourth and last installment in the Rush series is this one.

Gizmondo was supposed to be the intended platform for the game, but that was canceled on February 6, 2006, due to the console’s demise. Voice actors for L.A. Rush include Twista, André 3000, Bill Bellamy, and Orlando Jones.

PublishersMidway Games, Zoo Digital Publishing
DevelopersMidway Studios – Newcastle
Release date2005

L.A. Rush Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The game’s racing mechanics are similar to those in Need for Speed: Underground 2 and it has free-roaming. A point can be assigned to a specific position on the GPS map, and during gaming, that point will appear on the minimap. Additionally, it has two game modes and two mission kinds. 50 vehicles, 30 distinct cruise missions, upgrades for automobiles (available from many top-line manufacturers and West Coast Customs), and a hip-hop and rock soundtrack from diverse musicians, including Twista, Lil’ Kim, Skinny Puppy, J-Kwon, and Rock ‘n Roll Soldiers are all included in the game.

There are two game modes; the Stunt Arena mode, which was present in all previous Rush home games, is only available in the PSP version and requires the player to launch their car off the ramp and perform various tricks while flying through the air. The Battle mode, which debuted in the Rush 2049 home version, pits players against one another in a race powered by power-ups. The player must land their car securely on all four wheels in order to maintain points.

In addition to two game modes, there are two mission types available. In the Reacquire missions, the player is tasked with retrieving repossessed automobiles from the plot and returning them to the garage with little damage while dodging opponent ram attempts. The player is tasked with causing property damage in the Retribution missions, which involve bashing up Lidell’s billboards, ramming into a Ferris wheel to destroy it, or even taking the enemy’s automobile and allowing it to get hit by a train.

Up to 50 playable cars are featured in the game, 30 of which are licensed cars, while the rest are Midway concept cars.

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We might have the LA Rush game free download for PC available for more than one platform. LA Rush PS2 download is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2005)

Windows (2006)

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