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Knight Rider: The Game is a video game based on the original television series of the same name, developed by Davilex Games.

Knight Rider: The Game is a racing video game based on the popular 1980s television series Knight Rider. The game was developed by Davilex Games and released for the PlayStation 2 and PC in 2003.

In Knight Rider: The Game, players control the iconic car KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) from the TV show as they race through various locations and complete various missions. KITT is equipped with various special abilities, such as the ability to jump and perform 360-degree spins, which players can use to navigate through the game’s levels and complete challenges.

The game features a variety of levels set in different locations, including city streets, desert highways, and snow-covered mountain roads. As players progress through the game, they unlock new levels and missions, as well as new versions of KITT with different abilities.

In addition to racing, the game also features mini-games and challenges based on the TV show, such as chasing down criminals and rescuing hostages. Players can also collect coins and other items scattered throughout the levels to unlock new vehicles and upgrades for KITT.

Knight Rider: The Game received mixed reviews upon release, with some praising the game’s fast-paced action and smooth controls, while others criticized the repetitive gameplay and lack of depth. However, the game remains a popular choice for fans of the Knight Rider series and racing games in general.

PublishersTri Synergy
DevelopersDavilex Games B.V.
Release date2002
GenreAction, Racing

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