Embark on a digital odyssey through the labyrinthine narratives of “KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT,” a dating simulation that intricately entwines the lives of nine characters amidst the romantic backdrop of Paris, the city of love.

The Mosaic of Love: Characters in the City of Romance

Dive into the enigmatic tales of Paul, Amelie, Ricky, and others as their destinies intertwine in the romantic tapestry of Paris. A mosaic of emotions, desires, and complex relationships unfolds, creating a captivating narrative labyrinth.

Paul’s Return: Echoes of the Past and the Present

Experience the thrill of Paul’s return to Paris after a year of studying in Berlin. His emotions spiral as he reconnects with old friends, Amelie and Ricky, and confronts the bittersweet reality of Devine’s impending marriage to the formidable Vincent.

Publishersdtp entertainment
DevelopersRotobee Realtime 3D
Release date2008
Game rating4.5

Ricky’s Pursuit: A Dance of Affection with Luca

Explore Ricky’s journey as he navigates the realms of attraction, setting his sights on Luca, the red-haired waitress at the clique’s cherished café. A dance of emotions ensues, adding layers of complexity to the romantic tableau.

Amelie’s Desire: Seeking Connection with Professor Marcel Benoît

Delve into Amelie’s aspirations as she strives to bridge the gap between student and professor, yearning for a deeper connection with the intriguing Marcel Benoît. The nuances of their relationship weave into the overarching tapestry of love.

Estelle’s Machinations: The Intrigue of Manipulation

Unravel the enigma of Estelle, Amelie’s fashion-conscious and manipulative twin sister, as she adds a touch of intrigue to the romantic saga. Her presence casts a shadow, creating ripples across the characters’ interconnected lives.

Marie’s Bloom: The Role of the Flower Girl

Witness the blossoming role of Marie, the flower girl, as her presence weaves through the narrative, contributing to the complexity and depth of the unfolding romantic drama.

The Digital Waltz: Downloading KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT

A Multifaceted Universe: Platforms Hosting the Romance

Embark on the digital sojourn across diverse platforms, as KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT offers its intricate romantic tale to a spectrum of gaming enthusiasts.

Windows (2008)

Additional files, patches and fixes

Kiss Before Midnight Screenshots


Installation Choreography: Unveiling KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT Download For Windows PC on Windows PC

Navigate the installation choreography with nuanced steps to download and install KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT on your Windows PC:

1: The Prelude – Click the “Free Download” button, seizing the KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT Download For Windows PC setup.exe or zip file.

2: The Crescendo – Open the download folder, initiating the installation ballet with a double-click on

3: The Climax – Witness the system’s orchestration as it transforms bits and bytes into the romantic canvas of KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT.


KISS BEFORE MIDNIGHT isn’t just a game; it’s a digital sonnet, a complex and vibrant symphony of emotions, desires, and intricate relationships. Download now and immerse yourself in the perplexing yet alluring world where love unfolds in the magical city of Paris.

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