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In the Hunt is a 1993 scrolling shooter arcade game developed and published by Irem. There were also versions for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC. The player takes command of the Granvia, a submarine tasked with overthrowing the Dark Anarchy Society before their doomsday device is activated. Shooting enemies, collecting power-up items, and avoiding projectile collisions are all part of the gameplay. It was powered by Irem M-92 hardware.

Kazuma Kujo created the game, which was designed by the same group of people who later founded Nazca Corporation, the creators of the Metal Slug series. Kujo was inspired to create a water-based shooter that emphasized player-dependent scrolling and simultaneous multiplayer. Kujo’s leisure with a water fountain inspired the overall concept of submarine warfare. Since its initial release, In the Hunt has received mixed reviews from critics, particularly from home conversions; common complaints included a lack of innovation and slowdown, though it was praised for its detailed graphics and gameplay. Despite this, it has developed a cult following in Japan.

PublishersIrem Corp.
DevelopersIrem Corp.
Release date1993

In the Hunt Download For Windows PC Gameplay

In the Hunt is an underwater-themed scrolling shoot ’em up with gameplay compared to Metal Slug (1996) and the classic shooter R-Type (1987). A group called the Dark Anarchy Society (D.A.S.) is attempting to launch a superweapon over a post-apocalyptic Earth. To stop this, the Granvia submarine is dispatched to stop the D.A.S. and protect what is left of the planet. The game does not scroll automatically because the player can move the Granvia at their leisure. The goal of each level is to destroy enemies, avoid their projectiles, and defeat the boss at the end. The Granvia starts the game with forward-moving missiles that kill most enemies with a single hit. Missiles can be fired upwards to eliminate enemies above the player. Destroying specific enemy types grants the player a power-up, allowing the Granvia to use new weapon types. A powerful machine gun, a wave cannon, and a “cracker” shot that launches a barrage of bullets at enemies are among the weapons. Some enemies drop red orbs with stars on them, which grant bonus points when collected. There are multiple endings in the game.

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