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Game Description

I-Ninja is an action video game developed by Argonaut Games and published by Namco. The PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows platforms all received it (in Europe, the game was available only for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows). The game’s Game Boy Advance release was initially planned but eventually abandoned.

PublishersNamco Europe Limited
DevelopersArgonaut Games PLC
Release date2003

I-Ninja Download For Windows PC Gameplay

I-protagonist Ninja uses a variety of acrobatic skills to battle Master O-Ranx Dor’s army throughout the course of the game. In addition to the fundamental moves like running and jumping, Ninja may also double jump, spin his sword briefly while in midair and use it to fall more slowly, and make use of the environment’s shape. Several specially created walls that Ninja can run on may be found throughout the game, as can locations where Ninja can swing across a gap with his grappling hook.

In some stages, Ninja can also utilize ricocheting shuriken and explosive darts to attack his enemies. Both of these weapons can be aimed using the first-person perspective, but shuriken can also be thrown with an auto-aim capability. On rare occasions, Ninja will run across an adversary who will leap into the air with him to fight. Until the adversary is vanquished, the two will remain suspended in a flying emptiness. In this void, Ninja can dash, slice with his sword, launch shuriken if he possesses them, and perform an unblockable but noticeably delayed thrusting move. When the attack gauge reaches a particular degree of filling, it can be used to briefly boost the Ninja’s skills.

More of these powers become available to the player as he advances through the game; he can use them to strengthen himself, heal his life bar, ride a huge shuriken to dispatch enemies, or even become invincible so that he can deal massive damage to those around without even touching them. The game gets its name from Ninja’s “I-Ninja!” exclamation when he activates invincibility.

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