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Hulk is a 2003 action video game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Universal Interactive for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows. The game’s primary gameplay style is beat ’em up, featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Hulk. It also includes stealth-based stages with Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s human counterpart. The game is a tie-in to the movie of the same name, and Eric Bana reprises his role as Banner in the game; nonetheless, the game’s story serves as a sequel, taking place years after the movie’s events. The story revolves around the Hulk and Banner as they fight their foe The Leader to prevent him from sending out an army of mutants across the planet.

While critics praised the initial visceral satisfaction of using the Hulk’s powers, intuitive controls, cel-shaded visuals, interactive environments, sound design, and voice acting (particularly Bana’s), they had conflicting opinions of the game’s fighting moves, music, and plot. They also criticized the repetitive gameplay, lack of variety in the enemies, simple stealth levels, and static camera. Over two million copies of the game were sold across all platforms, making it a commercial success. The DVD release of the movie featured a playable demo of one of the levels from the Xbox version, which was the first time a game demo had been included. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, a standalone sequel, was published in 2005.

PublishersVivendi Games
DevelopersRadical Entertainment
Release date2003

Hulk Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The Hulk and his human alter-ego Bruce Banner may both be controlled in this third-person action game called Hulk. The Hulk appears in most of the game’s levels, which beat ’em ups, while Bruce Banner appears in levels that are mostly stealth-based. The story of the game follows Banner and the Hulk as they hunt down Professor Crawford, Banner’s mentor who has abandoned him in order to aid the Leader, the arch-nemesis of the Hulk, in a scheme to unleash a gamma-powered mutant army on the globe. The health meters for both characters are shown in the top-left corner of the screen and are depleted by opponent hits; when they are full, the Hulk is defeated or Banner turns into the Hulk, failing the current goal. Collecting green orbs replenishes health, whereas collecting blue orbs allows the player to continue from a checkpoint rather than the level’s starting if health is low.

The Hulk must battle multiple foes in each stage and cause environmental havoc to advance. He is skilled in a variety of punches, holds, throws, and special maneuvers including clapping, stomping, and deflecting projectiles. Below his health meter is a red “anger” meter that may be replenished by obtaining red orbs. When the wrath meter is full, The Hulk enters a “Rage Mode” in which his assaults are more potent and devastating. He can also use two attacks that have an incredibly broad range but at the expense of using the entire anger meter. The Hulk is capable of using a variety of materials as weapons, and he can throw particularly big objects like vehicles, tanks, and containers to dispatch squads of foes at a distance.

The majority of Banner’s stages involve getting past security guards while dodging cameras, searchlights, soldiers, and other types of surveillance. He has the ability to push and pull items to expose hidden tunnels as well as crouch, dive, and scramble across ledges. In certain of Banner’s levels, there are security terminal-connected doors that need to be unlocked by playing a hacking minigame before he may move on. While Banner only has a few combat moves at his disposal, if a guard spots him, he can pretend to be in surrender by freezing in position, then sneak up on the guard after letting him get close.

In addition to the story mode, the game has five challenge modes where the Hulk has to complete tasks like surviving as long as he can against never-ending waves of foes, destroying as much of the environment as he can before the time runs out, or fighting as many foes as he can.

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