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Navigating the Racing Tapestry: Decoding the Uncharted Realms of Hot Wheels: Beat That!

Buckle up for a warp-speed joyride into the vibrant universe of Hot Wheels: Beat That! In the gaming cosmos birthed by Eutechnyx and fostered by Activision in September 2007, this isn’t just a race; it’s a symphony of velocity set against the backdrop of the iconic Hot Wheels toy series.

Racing Symphony

Embark on a labyrinthine journey through three solo racing escapades, where 31 meticulously crafted vehicles await, each a dynamic character in this high-octane narrative. But hold on, the thrill doesn’t stop there. Two elusive, unplayable vehicles lurk in the shadows, injecting an element of mystery and suspense.

Unveiling the Velocity Arsenal

Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding spectacle of 31 intricately designed vehicles, each a work of art promising a unique, heart-racing experience on the asphalt canvas.

ALT NAMEHot Wheels: Обгони скорость
RELEASED INFrance, United States (2007)
Russia (2009)
GENREAction, Racing / Driving
THEMEArcade, Licensed Title, Shooter
PUBLISHER1C Company, Activision Publishing, Inc.
DEVELOPEREutechnyx Limited

The Enigma Duo

Peer into the shadows of playability with two vehicles that tantalize the imagination. These enigmatic entities beckon players to transcend the conventional and explore the uncharted realms of racing.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Elevate the adrenaline with two-player gameplay, transforming the race track into a battleground where competitive weapons and power-ups orchestrate a symphony of rivalry and unpredictability.

Rivalry in Harmony

Engage in a duel of velocity with two-player gameplay, where the race track transforms into an arena of skill and strategy. Competitive weapons and power-ups become the instruments in this harmonious yet unpredictable symphony.

Navigating the Unseen

Embark on a journey through unconventional race tracks, where the ordinary morphs into the extraordinary. Sprint through a bedroom, conquer a mini golf course, navigate an attic, and challenge the lanes of a bowling alley – a quest where the unexpected becomes the norm.

Bedroom Blitz

Race through the intimate spaces of a bedroom, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The race track weaves through familiar yet transformed spaces, redefining the essence of speed and strategy.

Mini Golf Mastery

Conquer the twists and turns of a mini golf course, where precision and speed intertwine in an unconventional dance. The ordinary takes a backseat as players navigate challenges, adding a burst of complexity to the racing saga.

Attic Ascent

Ascend into the unknown navigating the twists and turns of an attic, turning mundane spaces into adrenaline-fueled arenas. The burstiness mirrors the unpredictability that defines the essence of the game.

Bowling Alley Showdown

Challenge the lanes of a bowling alley, where speed collides with the sport of kings. The burstiness of the track adds an element of surprise, keeping players on their toes in a quest for victory.

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We might have the game available for more than one platform. Hot Wheels Beat That Download For Windows PC is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2007)

Unraveling Progress

The journey unfolds with victories in events or the completion of secondary goals, unlocking a cascade of new events and vehicles. The path to supremacy is a maze, each success a key to unlocking the next layer of challenges, infusing the game with a burst of excitement.

Victory’s Symphony

Seize victory in events or conquer secondary goals to unlock a cascade of new events and automobiles. The journey is a labyrinth, each triumph a note in the symphony of challenges, injecting the game with an unparalleled burst of excitement.


Hot Wheels: Beat That! isn’t just a game; it’s an uncharted symphony of racing complexity and burstiness. Navigate the twists, unlock the mysteries, and embrace the exhilaration as you hurtle through a world where speed isn’t just a challenge—it’s the ultimate reward.

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