Haven: Call of the King Download For Windows PC

Get ready for a gaming escapade with “Haven: Call of the King,” a mind-blowing action-adventure game crafted by Traveller’s Tales and dropped into the gaming scene by Midway Games in 2002. Initially planned for Xbox and GameCube by Xicat Interactive, and even a Game Boy Advance version in the works, but unfortunately, those plans never saw daylight.

The Three-Year Rollercoaster of Creation

“Haven: Call of the King” is like a gaming smoothie, blending action, platforming, puzzle-solving, shoot ’em up, racing, and space warfare. The game’s creators, Traveller’s Tales, poured over three years of effort into making it the first piece of a trilogy. Midway went big on the hype, calling it a “FreeFormer gameplay” experience where players could jump between genres like it’s a game buffet.

But here’s the twist—the game didn’t quite hit the jackpot. Reviews were all over the place, criticizing its overambition. It turned out to be a commercial nosedive, despite Midway betting big on it. Sadly, no sequels came out of this ambitious project.

PublishersMidway Home Entertainment, Inc.
DevelopersTraveller’s Tales (UK) Ltd.
Release date2002
GenreAction, Racing

Let’s Break Down the Gameplay

The Basics

Picture this: “Haven: Call of the King” is like a third-person adventure where you spend a good chunk of your time leaping around. Our guy, Haven, can do the usual stuff—hop, double jump, high leap, crouch, and throw in some punches for good measure. He’s got this energy barrier thing that acts like a shield from bad stuff. Cool, right?

Cool Tools of Destruction

Haven’s go-to weapon? A modified yo-yo called the “mag-ball.” Short-range, but it gets the job done—smashing pots, defeating baddies, and hitching rides on “mag-rides,” the electric transports in the game. Plus, Haven can spice things up with a “power-spin,” where he spins around like a boss, damaging anything that comes too close. As the game progresses, he picks up other weapons like plasma shots, rapid-fire cannons, and laser shots.

Download Haven: Call of the King Download For Windows PC

We might have the game available for more than one platform. Haven: Call of the King is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation 2 (2002)

Collectibles Galore

In this adventure, collecting stuff is a big deal. Hearts from fallen foes and pots bring Haven’s health back up. Catana orbs keep his health in check. Feathers are his ticket to talking to Talon, a mechanical bird he cooked up. And there are cogs, silver keys, and Runestones thrown in for good measure, making you work for your progress.

Gaming Variety

Now, hold on tight. The game throws various challenges at you. Jet packs for vertical joyrides, gliders with air brakes, quad racers, speedboats, turret and spaceship battles—Haven’s got his hands full. And, to top it all off, by the end, Haven upgrades to the starship Sunsurfer, packing a shield and a bunch of missiles.

So, jump in and explore the world of “Haven: Call of the King,” where every twist and turn adds up to an unforgettable gaming saga.

Haven: Call of the King Download For Windows PC Screenshots

PlayStation 2

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