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Haven: Call of the King is a 2002 multi-genre action-adventure video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Midway Games for the PlayStation 2. The game was also slated to be published by Xicat Interactive on the Xbox and GameCube, however, neither version was ever released. A Game Boy Advance version was also intended, but it was never developed past the conceptual stage.

Haven, which took more than three years to develop, blends action, platforming, puzzle, shoot ’em up, racing, and space warfare components. It was intended to be the first instalment of a trilogy. Both Midway and Traveller’s Tales promoted Haven as a novel form of the game that let players switch between genres with ease; Midway even trademarked the term “FreeFormer gameplay” to characterise the fusion of gameplay philosophies.

Haven received a mixed response from reviewers, with the major criticism being that it was overly ambitious for its own good, leading to numerous instances of average gameplay but nothing noteworthy. The game garnered relatively little media attention and was a huge commercial flop, despite Midway launching a significant advertising effort to promote it, calling it “the next major step in video gaming.” They never produced the two sequels.

PublishersMidway Home Entertainment, Inc.
DevelopersTraveller’s Tales (UK) Ltd.
Release date2002
GenreAction, Racing

Haven: Call of the King Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Haven: Call of the King is a third-person action-adventure game at its core, with a large portion of the gameplay centred around platforming. Haven can do a variety of fundamental actions during the major platforming stages, including hop, double jump, high leap, crouch, and attack. In addition, Haven has access to an energy barrier that he can use to shelter himself from approaching bullets. If the shield is not taking any hits, he can keep it up indefinitely, but when it does deflect objects, it starts to wear down. Haven can squat and cover himself entirely with the shield in addition to deploying it in front of him. He can also utilise the shield to execute a “shield smash,” which is required to defeat some foes and reach some pots.

The “mag-ball,” a modified yo-yo, is Haven’s primary attacking tool. Although it has a short range, it may be used to destroy pots, defeat opponents, and hold onto “mag-rides,” which are electrical transportation that moves Haven to different areas of a level. Haven may also conduct a “power-spin” with the mag-ball (where he spins 360 degrees with the mag-ball extended at all times, damaging anything that comes within range). Throughout the game, he can also acquire a number of weapons, which temporarily take the place of the mag-ball as his attacking tool. These include a plasma shot, a five-way shot, a rapid-fire cannon, a ricochet cannon, and a laser shot.

Item collecting is a big aspect of the platforming levels’ gameplay. For instance, hearts, which are dropped by some killed opponents and found in pots strewn over most levels, restore Haven’s health. His antidote metre is topped off with Catana orbs; if it depletes to zero, his health starts to deteriorate. His shield powers are refilled by shield energy. Feathers are among the other valuables; Haven needs them to communicate with Talon, a mechanical bird he built. Frequently, summoning Talon is required to pass a level. In other circumstances, Talon can transport Haven to ordinarily unreachable hidden areas of a level. Cogs are always plot-related things because they are required to run machinery. Silver keys can be found in a lot of levels as well. Any level with a “Runepot” requires five silver keys, which Haven must find in order to open the pot. Runestones, which later in the game can be used to open secret Runetowers, are kept in runepots. Black Diamonds, which are needed to complete the game completely, are revealed through completing the challenges in the Runetowers.

Other gameplay segments use various game mechanics and control techniques. For instance, by using fuel, Haven can move upward while wearing the jet pack. In addition to basic manoeuvrability, he can use an air brake when operating the glider. He can roll left and right in the aircraft. He can accelerate and brake in the quad racer and speedboat. He can lock on to enemies when controlling a turret or spaceship and has access to forwarding and rearward missiles. At the end of the game, Haven buys the starship Sunsurfer, which may also be equipped with a shield and a variety of missiles.

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PlayStation 2 (2002)

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