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Game Description

First-person paintball video game Gotcha! Extreme Paintball, created by Sixteen Tons Entertainment and released by Gathering, is also known as Gotcha! in Europe. Ralph Stock produced the game. Following a release in North America in 2006, it was originally made available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox in Germany in 2004. The rest of Europe followed in 2004 and 2005.

PublishersViva Media, LLC
DevelopersSixteen Tons Entertainment
Release date2006

GOTCHA! Extreme Paintball Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Gotcha! Extreme Paintball is a first-person shooter with no violence in which the protagonists engage in paintball. In particular, Counter-Strike is a major influence on its gameplay. Through a local network or direct connection, the game can be played by one person or by multiple people. The player has a choice of 18 elite male and female players, 12 high-tech markers, and colored grenades that can be used and equipped for your team. You and your squad are playing the game Gotcha in this scenario (a.k.a. Paintball). A league with 28 clubs is available, and you can compete there. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Flag Elimination, Team Elimination, Last Man Standing, and Kill the King are some of the multiplayer game modes. The persona can strafe, crouch, or lie down. Up to 12 fields throughout the globe have accurate weather effects. Players can participate in up to 12-player Xbox Live competitions, LAN games, and online play through the Internet.

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Windows (2006)

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