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God Hand is a Capcom-published PlayStation 2 action beat ’em up video game developed by Clover Studio. Shinji Mikami directed the film, which was released in Japan and North America in 2006, and in PAL territories in 2007. On October 4, 2011, it was re-released for the PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classics downloadable game on the PlayStation Network. Mikami’s goal was to create a game that would appeal to both hard-core gamers and those looking for a good laugh. When it first came out in Japan, it received a mixed reaction from critics and sold only modestly. It was the final video game produced by Clover Studio. God Hand, however, went on to receive retrospective acclaim and is now considered a cult classic.

The God Hand combines western and Japanese-themed comedy, with outlandish characters and plot events. The gameplay combines traditional beat ’em up elements with new features, such as the ability to map and string together a large repertoire of fighting techniques to the gamepad’s face buttons to create unique combo attacks. The plot revolves around a martial artist who protects his companion while wielding a legendary divine arm known as the “God Hand” to save the world from demons.

DevelopersClover Studio
Release date2006
GenreAction, Fighting

God Hand Gameplay

The player moves in all directions in the 3D action game, attacking with the face buttons and performing special moves. The player can turn around by pressing a button, and all actions other than basic attacks are carried out by pressing a context-sensitive button. By pressing the button, the player, as Gene, can jump up ladders, pick up items, and use special attacks on abnormal enemies. Four dodge moves are assigned to the right analog stick’s directions. Any attack, including the Circle, Triangle, Square, and X buttons, can be assigned by the player. Square enables the player to chain multiple attacks at the same time. There are over a hundred moves to choose from in Hand of God, ranging from basic jabs and punches to drunken-style and capoeira martial arts.
More powerful abilities in the hand of God can be used in the player’s “Gold Reel” (or “God Roulette”), a roulette wheel with moves selected by the player. These moves are limited to a certain number of “Roulette Orbs,” which can be increased by collecting “Skull Cards” found throughout each stage. God Reel techniques range in price from one to three Roulette Orbs. Some moves launch each opponent into the stratosphere, while others are as simple as punches or kicks to specific body parts. The hand of God is another gameplay mechanic in the player’s arsenal. The player’s “Tension Gauge” rises as he strikes and defeats enemies. To increase the bar, the player can also evade attacks, taunt, use tension-boosting attacks, or find cards within each stage. When it reaches a certain amount, the player can remove the bracelet from Gene’s arm, allowing God’s Hand to be temporarily unleashed. In this state, he is completely unstoppable, and all of his attacks gain power and speed. The player can increase the size of his Tension Gauge to hold more power by using various stat-boosting items. While in combat, the player can keep an eye on a “Difficulty Level” bar, which adjusts based on how much damage the player is dealing or receiving. The level will be dropped if the player becomes engrossed in a flurry of punches and combos. The player’s level will rise if they deal with a large number of unanswered attacks on their enemies. The bar is divided into numerical levels one through three, with the fourth level labeled “Die” being the highest overall. During the first and second levels, enemies will not attack the player unless they are in his line of sight or he is attacking them. The enemies will attack regardless of the camera position on levels three and Die. Furthermore, the strength of enemy attacks increases with level; at level Die, a fully maxed out player character can be killed in a few hits. At the end of a stage, defeating enemies at higher Difficulty Levels earns the player more bonus points. Additional techniques are available in stages as technique scrolls. Techniques and roulette moves can also be bought or sold at the shop, which can be found on the map screen. A casino is also accessible via the map, and it contains a variety of minigames such as slots, blackjack, poker, chihuahua racing, and a fighting arena.

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PlayStation 2 (2006)

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PlayStation 2

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