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Step into the ethereal world of Einhänder Gameplay, a scrolling shooter opus meticulously crafted by Square for the illustrious PlayStation console. A cosmic ballet unfolded as Japan witnessed its debut on November 20, 1997, with North America joining the celestial dance on May 5, 1998. The journey continued to reverberate through time, resurfacing on the Japanese PlayStation Network on June 25, 2008, captivating a new generation of players.

In the Shadow of Selene: Mythology Meets Futuristic Warfare

Woven into the tapestry of Einhänder lies the tapestry of Selene and Endymion from Greek mythology, set against the backdrop of a speculative future embroiled in the clash between Earth and the Moon. As a valiant member of the Moon’s army, players venture into hostile territories to acquire intelligence and wield formidable weaponry. The lone manipulator arm of the spacecraft, aptly named “Einhänder” in German, serves as a metaphorical single-handed sword, carving through the cosmic battlefield.

Harmony in Electrospace: Fukui’s Musical Odyssey

Kenichiro Fukui orchestrates an electro/techno symphony that resonates within the corridors of Einhänder Gameplay. Released as a soundtrack album in Japan, the score elevates the gaming experience, transforming each encounter into a cosmic crescendo. Critics, while acknowledging the game’s brevity and the absence of a two-player mode, showered praise upon its gameplay and aesthetics.

Einhänder’s Celestial Ballet: The Gameplay Extravaganza

In a nod to classics like Gradius, Einhänder PS1 invites players into a shoot ’em up odyssey where control over a fighter spaceship becomes a dance of destruction in side-scrolling realms. The visuals, a mesmerizing blend of “2.5D,” unleash sporadic camera angle changes, challenging players to navigate in a two-dimensional plane amid a three-dimensional spectacle.

The narrative unfolds seamlessly through full-motion videos, immersing players in key scenes between phases. Select from various difficulty settings, including the unique “Free” mode in the Japanese version, allowing infinite retries but disabling scoring.

The fighter’s arsenal includes an adjustable movement speed, a standard machine gun, and a manipulator arm capable of seizing fallen foes’ gun pods. These pods house an array of weaponry, from cannons to guided missile launchers and aircraft-sized lightsabers. The battlefield becomes a canvas as players shift between overhead and below-the-belly positions, altering the trajectory of their firepower.

PublishersSquare Co., Ltd.
DevelopersSquare Co., Ltd.
Release date1997

Scoring Symphony: The Dance of Points and Precision

Einhänder’s scoring system finds its heartbeat in the multiplier bar and hit gauge counter. Eliminating opponent cores propels the hit counter, multiplying the points awarded for each destroyed core. A strategic dance ensues as the counter diminishes when destruction ceases. The multiplier, akin to a cosmic heartbeat, pulsates at a specific level, showering significant point bonuses during its fleeting flashes.

The Celestial Download: A Journey Across Platforms

The cosmic odyssey extends its invitation, beckoning enthusiasts to partake in Einhänder’s celestial dance. The PlayStation download awaits on various platforms, promising a symphony of pixels and a journey through the cosmos.

PlayStation (1997)

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