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Einhänder is a scrolling shooter developed by Square for the PlayStation console. November 20, 1997, saw its release in Japan, and May 5, 1998, saw its release in North America. On June 25, 2008, it was also re-released for the Japanese PlayStation Network. The phrase “Einhänder” is German for a single-handed sword, and it is used to describe the player’s spacecraft’s lone manipulator arm in this context.

The game is based on the tale of Selene and Endymion from Greek mythology and is set in a hypothetical future amid a conflict between the Earth and the Moon. As a member of the Moon’s army, the player must enter the hostile territory in order to obtain intelligence and hostile weaponry. Kenichiro Fukui wrote the game’s electro/techno soundtrack, which was released in Japan as a soundtrack album. The game’s gameplay and aesthetics garnered favorable reviews from critics, who regarded the game’s brief playtime and absence of a two-player mode as minor drawbacks.

PublishersSquare Co., Ltd.
DevelopersSquare Co., Ltd.
Release date1997

Einhänder Download For Windows PC Gameplay

In the style of games like Gradius, Einhander PS1 is a shoot ’em up in which the player controls a fighter spaceship that must obliterate enemy vessels in side-scrolling levels. The game’s graphics are in “2.5D,” or 3D with sporadic camera angle changes, but the player can only move in a two-dimensional plane. Key scenes between phases are depicted in full motion videos that have already been created.

In addition to two unreleased models of the “Einhander Walkthrough” fighter, the player can select from a variety of difficulty settings. Additionally, the Japanese version has a difficulty setting called “Free” that allows for limitless retries but disables scoring. The player’s fighter has an adjustable movement speed, a standard machine gun, and a manipulator arm that may be used to pick up gun pods that fallen foes have left behind. Gun pods can hold cannons, guided missile launchers, aircraft-sized lightsabers, and other weapons with differing degrees of power, ammunition, and range. Gun pods that have run out of ammunition are thrown away. They can be moved between an overhead and a below-the-belly position, which changes the angle or direction of their fire. The middle and end bosses of most stages typically contain the main core and separate sections that can be destroyed.

The multiplier bar and hit gauge counter serve as the foundation for the game’s scoring system. The hit counter rises as the player eliminates opponent cores. The value of the hit counter is multiplied by the number of points provided for destroyed cores. When the player stops destroying cores, the counter gets smaller. The multiplier will start to flash when it reaches a specific level and will provide significant point bonuses for any cores destroyed during this brief window.

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