Dora’s Carnival Adventure Download For Windows PC

Game Description

Dora’s Carnival Adventure is an Adventure-Educational game developed by Nick Jr. Games and published by Nick Jr. in 2005. A flash game based on the Dora the Explorer TV series is called Dora’s Carnival Adventure. One can choose a treasure chest in this game and then fill it with the treasures they win from playing carnival games. Select a treasure chest before deciding where to play. Every carnival game is unique, and each one offers prizes that add up to treasures that each player collects for their own unique treasure box. For instance, one can play air hockey, a crane game, and a slide race at the carnival to earn tickets that can be exchanged for rewards like printed games. There are six modes in the game Dora’s Carnival Adventure.

PublishersNick Jr.
DevelopersNick Jr. Games
Release date2005
GenreAdventure, Educational

Download Dora’s Carnival Adventure Download For Windows PC

We might have the Dora’s Carnival Adventure PC game download available for more than one platform. Dora’s Carnival Adventure 2 download is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2005)

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