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Game Description

Platform game Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers, also known as Donald Duck: Quack Attack in Europe, was created and released by Ubi Soft for a variety of consoles and Windows-based PCs. Both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance saw the release of a new game with the same name; the latter was given the name Donald Duck Advance.

The Donald Duck Goin Quackers received a mixed response from critics, who praised the music, backdrops, and animations while criticizing its brief length and intention to appeal to a younger audience.

PublishersUbi Soft
DevelopersUbi Soft Casablanca, Ubi Soft Shanghai, Ubi Soft Montreal, Ubi Soft Milan
Release date2000

Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers Download For Windows PC Gameplay

The gameplay of Goin’ Quackers is quite similar to that of Crash Bandicoot, and it involves navigating through diverse environments in 24 stages and four warp rooms. Duckie Mountain, Duckburg, Magica DeSpell’s Manor, and Merlock’s Temple are the four-level themes. Throughout the stages, Donald Duck must avoid a variety of opponents and obstacles in addition to boss battles at the conclusion of each warp room. Additionally, there are extra stages where Donald Duck must avoid obstacles like bears, trucks with evil faces, ghost hands, and statue heads. A 3D perspective and a 2D side-scrolling perspective are also options for the levels’ point of view. The player gains benefits in the Donald Duck Goin Quackers by redoing levels to beat Gladstone’s time in the same.

The player starts with four lives, which can be increased by locating unique items. Donald has two chances to be touched by the opponent for each life; the first time, he gets enraged and attacks the enemies berserk-like, and the second time, he loses a life. Additionally, Donald can acquire new attire that modifies idle animations and cutscenes (such as Donald taking photos of the place if he is dressed like a tourist).

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We might have the Donald Duck Goin Quackers ps3 game download available for more than one platform. Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackersn pc download is currently available on these platforms:

PlayStation (2000)

Windows (2000)

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