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Die Hard Trilogy is an action video game based on the first three installments of the Die Hard series of action movies. Die Hard Trilogy combines three games into one, each of which is based on a certain film in the series and has a unique genre and gameplay mechanic. After receiving positive reviews, the game was later included in the PlayStation Greatest Hits and PlayStation Platinum collections. The sequel Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas was also influenced by the first Die Hard trilogy. The third playing style was kept in the sequel, but it also included a separate plot thread unrelated to the film series.

PublishersFox Interactive, Inc.
DevelopersProbe Entertainment Ltd.
Release date1996
GenreAction, Racing

Die Hard Trilogy Download For Windows PC Gameplay

Die Hard

Die Hard is a third-person shooter. The player battles terrorists and rescues hostages in the Nakatomi Plaza, which is the setting of the first film in the series.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

In the on-rails shooter Die Hard 2: Die Harder, players must thwart terrorists who have seized control of Dulles Airport from the second movie.

Players can utilize a mouse, light gun, or controller to control the crosshair. One of the few light gun games for the PlayStation that was incompatible with Namco’s GunCon/G-Con 45 controller or GunCon 2 was Die Hard Trilogy. [Reference needed] For the Saturn version, it was however compatible with Sega’s Stunner light gun.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

In Die Hard with a Vengeance, the player is entrusted with detecting and neutralizing a number of bombs before they go off while driving a taxicab, sports car, and dump truck around all of New York City.

Download Die Hard Trilogy Download For Windows PC

We might have the Die Hard Trilogy PC game download available for more than one platform. Die Hard Trilogy is currently PS1 rom available on these platforms:

PlayStation (1996)

Windows (1996)

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